Watch Alexis Saborit Video On Reddit - Is He In Jail Or Released?

Watch Alexis Saborit Video On Reddit - Is He In Jail Or Released?
Watch Alexis Saborit Video On Reddit – Is He In Jail Or Released? Table of Contents
Can we watch Alexis Saborit video on Reddit? Read below to find out if he is in jail or released.
Alexis Saborit is linked with the murder of his partner, America Mafalda Thayer. Reportedly, the Shakopee Police Department arrested him on July 28, 2021.
According to The Sun, he has been charged with second-degree murder. Since the attacker and victim were dating, the officers believe that Thayer’s killing wasn’t a random act.
Watch Alexis Saborit Video On Reddit
No, we cannot watch Alexis Saborit’s footage on Reddit. It seems the video has been permanently deleted for being highly graphic.
Well, the recording shows how America Mafalda Thayer was dragged from her car. Later, she was attacked and her body was left in Shakopee, Minneapolis.
Moreover, the police have found a large knife close to the scene. Although Alexis’ face isn’t clear on the footage, the officers were sure that he was Thayer’s boyfriend.
Later, the bystander uploaded the video on social media that went viral. Currently, netizens are demanding rights for America and her family via Twitter and Facebook. The sad fact about this story is that someone was recording everything. Now, the tape is in safe hands – with Shakopee Police Chief Jeff Tate.
Furthermore, the officials are investigating this murder case deeply. Indeed, the authorities are convinced that there’s a motive behind Thayer’s murder.
Is Alexis Saborit In Jail Or Released?
Alexis Saborit has been released on bail. Previously, he was held at Scott County Jail.
Reportedly, his defense claimed that he is mentally ill. Believing this story, the court has let go Alexis with a pending mental illness evaluation.
Moreover, he has been facing charges of property damage and obstruction. Also, he had been convicted of domestic assault before.
Well, Judge Richard C. Perkins decided to bring him in front of the public. Furthermore, the court document claims that Saborit is a danger to the public and community.
Indeed, netizens aren’t pleased with the judge’s decision. Twitter user Linda French claims that the soft judges think the mentally ill accused will be grateful for their leniency and won’t repeat their mistakes. An example of what can be expected when soft judges let dangerous people out on bail, presumably because they think the accused will be so grateful for leniency that he'll be good from now on.
— Linda French (@FrenchLinda) July 30, 2021 Alexis And America Age Comparison
Alexis Saborit and America Mafalda Thayer have an age difference of 13 years. Well, Alexis is actually younger than America.
Sadly, Thayer passed away at 55 years old. According to her colleagues, she was continuously abused by the suspect, Saborit.
Moreover, they believe that their co-worker was a bubbly person. Necklen and Stejskal are still shocked by the horrific murder of America. Minnesota woman beheaded on road
American Mafalda Thayer, 55, was pronounced dead at the scene of stab wounds. Alexis Saborit, a 42-year-old man who police say knew the victim, was apprehended at the scene on suspicion of second-degree murder.
— Rasta Redpill (@RastaRedpill) July 30, 2021 On the other hand, Alexis’s age is 42 years old. Official police reports claim that the two were in a relationship.
However, the respected authority is handling the case well. In fact, further investigation is going on and we will get an update soon.