Top 10 games releasing in August 2021

Top 10 games releasing in August 2021

Each year gamers are hyped up to find out the top trending games to be released soon. Even though we don’t have the exact schedule for the release of these games, an estimate can be made. Nowadays, the news for the upcoming games is posted on the individual social handles of the companies. For less effort on your end and an overview of the top 10 upcoming games, read through this article.

Top 10 Upcoming Games

12 minutes

We are all familiar with time loop games. 12 minutes is a perfect example of that. This is an arcade game that has a smaller plot. It revolves around a wife who has been accused of killing her father-in-law. An officer comes to arrest the wife and ends up killing both of them. The story resets and you have to start the game with zero knowledge of what exactly happened. To beat the game, you have to achieve the real outcome. It is likely to be released on August 19.

Loan echo 2

This is a sequel to its previous version. The goal in this game is to move around in zero gravity. The game strictly follows the laws of physics. You have to solve various puzzles to advance. This is a VR game and is going to be released on August 24.

Ghost of Tsushima director’s cut

Ghost of Tsushima is famous for the best plot, graphics, and gameplay. Director’s cut is rather an extension of its original plot which is set up in a different location. This action-horror game is going to be released on August 20.


This strategy game is going to give you the civilization vibes. The story pivots on expanding territories and colonizing cities. If you are a Warcraft or Clash of Clans fan, then this game is for you. It is set to release on August 17.

Rims racing

This motorcycle racing game has very extensive customization features. It will be eye-catching for a lot of gamers. Especially those who are fond of epic gameplay and decent graphics. The release date is set to be August 19.

No more heroes 3

The action game is a Nintendo exclusive. The main aspect of this game is its return as an open-world formula, which is quite intriguing. This game is releasing on August 27.

Alien fire team elite

This multiplayer shooter game is a sequel to its previous edition the alien trilogy. Alien Fire provides decent gameplay and satisfying graphics. This game revolves around completing missions and killing intergalactic aliens. It might be the perfect game to start your August journey as it will be releasing on August 24.

New world

The New World is an Amazon Games production. Though the game looks saggy at some times, it has quite a decent plot and graphic textures. You have to register for this game through online mode. As of now, it might release on August 31.

Psychonauts 2

This is another interesting VR game based on its previous version. Psychonauts 2 is an inventory game that you should be looking forward to. According to sources, it will be coming out on August 25.

Kena Bridge of spirits

It is undoubtedly one of the most awaited games of 2021. This game provides an ultimate package of combat, game plot, graphics, and much more. Get ready to grab the game on August 24.

These are the top 10 upcoming games that you should look forward to. Even if you might be waiting for other games, these will certainly not disappoint you.