Minecraft Bedrock : How to fix Broken Iron Farms

Minecraft Bedrock : How to fix Broken Iron Farms

Incomplete or broken Iron Farms in Minecraft Bedrock? Well, don’t worry because in this article we will be showing you how to fix your broken Iron Farms with just a couple of simple steps. Here’s everything you need to know.

Minecraft Bedrock

If you have made Iron farms in Minecraft Bedrock, you are likely to know that Iron Farms need a minimum of 20 beds and 10 villagers. However, at least 75% of the villagers need to have a job or worked a day before attending this(If any of the villagers consist of a nitwit, kill him as he is of no use and replace him with a regular villager). If you have managed to get the villagers a job and link them to the beds, then voila, your Iron Golem will be spawned. However, there are really frustrating and minute mistakes that many players do and because of that, the Golem is not spawned. So, to fix it we are here to help you.


Minecraft Bedrock- How to fix the Iron Farms to spawn Golems

  • Well, first of all, just make sure you have at least 10 villagers present near the beds.

  • Next, make sure that you have at least 20 beds.

  • Now, you have to make sure that each villager can access his workstation so place the workstations right before them. If not, the Golem will not be spawned. So, if you have each villager linked to their respective workstations, then you will have to wait for about 10-15 minutes before the Golem is spawned.

  • If doing the above method doesn’t work for you, then break all the beds in your Iron Farm, break each workstation and then start building the beds again linking each bed with every 2 villagers. After doing the complete thing once more, your problem should be fixed.

Well, that’s about it. Now, you can easily spawn Iron Golem on your Iron farm without much hassle.