Ed Balls Age Wife and Net Worth- Who Is Ed Balls Married To?

Ed Balls Age Wife and Net Worth- Who Is Ed Balls Married To?
Ed Balls Age Wife: Who Is Ed Balls Married To? Ed Balls is a British Politician, a media personality who has served for British Parliament. Learn about his Wife. 
British economist and former Politician Ed balls is a married man.
He has served as Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer for 4 years.
Ed has studied Politics, Economy, and Philosophy in his young days. Quick Facts:Name
Ed Balls
February 25 ,1967
54 years
Michael Balls Carolyn Janet Riseborough
Andrew Balls Joanna Balls
Net Worth
$3 million – $4.5 million
Yvette Cooper
edballs Ed Balls Wife: Who Is He Married To?
Ed Balls is married to Yvette Cooper. 
She is Labour MP and later became the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and Shadow Home Secretary in Eastbourne. The Couple has 3 children. They were the first married couple to serve in HM Cabinet together.
Ed Balls Age and Real Name
Ed Balls’ age is 54 years old. He was born on 25 February 1967 in Norwich, England.
His real name is Edward Michael Balls. I'm speaking at a conference for teachers and careers advisers – just like the old days ! https://t.co/nms87hmyrD
— Ed Balls (@edballs) March 19, 2021 He spent his childhood in Norfolk, where he was born. 
Before Balls studied at Keble College, he attended schools in Nottingham and Norwich.
Learn About Ed’s Family
Ed’s father’s name is Michael Balls, and his mother’s name is Carolyn Janet Riseborough.
Balls’ father was a zoologist in Norwich. He has a younger brother Andrew Balls and sister Joanna Balls. The Balls family moved to Nottingham when Ed was 8 years old. 
Ed attended a private all-boys school in Nottingham, where he also played violin.
His brother Andrew is CIO for Global Fixed Income at the investment firm PIMCO.
Net Worth and Salary
The estimated net worth of Ed Ball is $3 million – $4.5 million.
Ed has a house in Hackey that is worth $650,000 where he currently lives with his 3 children.
British Politicians and economists have property worth $900,000 in North London.