Adopt Me 4th anniversary & birthday: What new is releasing?

Adopt Me 4th anniversary & birthday: What new is releasing?

It’s Adopt Me birthday and they are celebrating their birthday by adding a brand-new pet. Yes, this Wednesday we are getting a new pet in the game. Let’s see all the details about it.

Adopt me

It is a massively played online multiplayer game developed by Uplift Games on the game development platform Roblox.

The game’s main concept is to adopt pets and taking care of them. Other than this you can also build houses and trade pets from other players.

But in the starting the game concept was a little different, originally it was created as a role-playing game where the player can act like parents who adopt the child, or the child being adopted but as the game further developed, they changed their focus to virtual pets rather than parents and children which we can see today.

In the game, you acquire a pet through an egg. Based on their rarity they are divided into five categories:

  • Common

  • Uncommon

  • Rare

  • Ultra-rare

  • Legendary

After you get an egg, it hatches to give you a newborn pet which gradually grows into a fully grown pet. In between these two stages, there are three more stages that the pet goes through i.e. junior, teen, post-teen.

The main motive of the players is to collect all the pets present in the game.

And now on their fourth birthday, they are giving players a new pet to adopt.


Birthday butterfly” tweeted by developers with a video of the cute little butterfly that we are getting in the game. It will be added to the game on Wednesday, but the name is still not confirmed.

You can watch the butterfly yourself in this tweet.

That is all that we know about the birthday celebration. For detail about future updates stay tuned.

The phoenix is also confirmed for full detail click here.