Tricky Madness bringing that old-school SSX vibe back to life

Tricky Madness bringing that old-school SSX vibe back to life

Full disclosure. This is exciting. One of my most played gaming series ever is SSX and SSX Tricky back on the PlayStation 2. I would probably cry if they ever brought the franchise back properly. Recently we heard that the creators of the SSX games had a spiritual successor canceled, because well, you know, big company boards don’t always care what the people want eh? Me especially.

Anyway, a beacon of light for arcade snowboarding fans has just popped into the inbox so say hello to Tricky Madness, a homage to the arcade snowboarding games of yesterday (to be fair, it looks more than a homage but sssshhh).

Developer Nathan Dearth is hoping to release the game on Steam by the end of the year and says: “Tricky Madness is a love letter to the beloved snowboarding games of the early 2000s. Taking inspiration from what made them so good, fans of earlier titles will feel right at home in this refreshed interpretation with a familiar tricking system and iconic snowboarding tricks. With more polished gameplay, modern graphics, and modern system accessibility, “

Dearth says he’s “ready to bring people the ultimate modern arcade snowboarding experience they’ve waited decades for.”

Damn right.

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There is a demo on and you can (and must) wishlist Tricky Madness on Steam right now. What are you waiting for?

Tricky Madness planned features

  • Eight handcrafted standalone maps each with hidden surprises and experiences.

  • A dedicated campaign mode set on an open-world mountain with secrets and collectibles.

  • Eight fully voiced characters with their own backstory, personalities, and snowboarding tricks.

  • A voiced in-game DJ commentator, hyping you up as you make your way through the game.

  • Three exhilarating game modes to test your speed and skills including freestyle, time trials, and races.

  • An enhanced tricking points system encourages you to trick more often for speed boosts and unlocks Uber Tricks and Grinds.