The Most-Viewed YouTube Videos of All-Time [Infographic]

The Most-Viewed YouTube Videos of All-Time [Infographic]

This is sure to bring back some memories (also, apologies in advance if you end up with a song playing on repeat in your head).

The team from Visual Capitalist have put together a listing of the most viewed YouTube videos of all time, which provides some helpful insight into what gains traction in the app, and which videos have seen enduring success.

Which, based on this list, are music clips of kid-focused content.

The music clips are viral hits, which people have probably put on in the background as they go about their work day, while many have also had engaging video clips that drive higher interest.

The kids’ content, meanwhile, has likely seen the most views when parents have put them on to keep their young kids entertained, so they can get a moment of rest.

Okay, so it might not be a great guide for your own content approach, but it’s an interesting overview of some of the key YouTube trends of the past either way, which are worthy of note.

You can check out Visual Capitalist’s full overview here.

Most Viewed YouTube Videos