The Lesser-Known Siblings Of Your Favorite Celebrities

The Lesser-Known Siblings Of Your Favorite Celebrities

Did you know that some of the world’s biggest celebrities have siblings who, despite their famous older brother or sister, are determined to make a name for themselves and break out of the shadow cast by their famous sibling? From those making rare appearances on the red carpet to those we never hear about at all, these celebrity siblings rarely get recognition but often strive for success. Get ready to find out more about these inspiring celebrity siblings!

There’s A Third Hemsworth Brother?

Chris and Liam Hemsworth definitely worked their way into our consciousness with their good looks. While Liam rose to fame in his sympathetic and sweet role in The Hunger Games, his brother Chris was stealing our hearts in Thor. It turns out the pair have another actor brother who’s just as good looking. What the heck is the Hemsworth DNA?

Canada -

Luke Hemsworth rose to fame in Australia on the soap opera Neighbours, but he wasn’t a crossover hit until his HBO debut on Westworld and when he took a role alongside Chris in Thor. What’s better than working with family?