Steam Deck Decky loader disappeared after update: How to fix it?

Steam Deck Decky loader disappeared after update: How to fix it?

Decky Loader has become an integral tool for Steam Deck users, offering a myriad of customization options to enhance their gaming experience. This versatile homebrew plugin launcher empowers users to stylize menus, tweak system sounds, adjust screen saturation, and more. However, in the wake of a recent update, a concerning issue has surfaced: numerous players have reported the sudden disappearance of the Decky Loader from their Steam Decks. This unexpected turn of events has left users puzzled and seeking solutions to restore the functionality of this beloved tool. In this guide, we have provided steps to troubleshoot and resolve the issue, so that players can once again enjoy the enhanced features it brings to their Steam Deck gaming environment.

Many Steam Deck users are facing an issue where Decky Loader has mysteriously disappeared following a recent update. Despite custom themes and boot/suspend animations still functioning, the crucial submenu of Decky Loader is nowhere to be found. This occurrence of the Decky Loader disappearing on the Steam Deck is not an isolated incident and has been reported intermittently in the past. So, is there any fix for this? Well, let’s find out.

Steam Deck Decky loader disappeared after update: How to fix it?

Steam Deck Decky loader disappeared after update How to fix it

While there is no definitive fix or workaround for the recent disappearance of the Decky Loader on the Steam Deck, players have reported a few workarounds that have proven effective in resolving similar issues in the past. We have listed them below and attempting these workarounds may help restore access to the Decky Loader menu.

Restart the Deck

One of the initial steps to troubleshoot the disappearance of the Decky Loader is to restart the Steam Deck. This simple action can sometimes resolve minor glitches or temporary issues. Users can press the power button and select the restart option from the menu. After the restart, check if the Decky Loader has reappeared on the Steam Deck.

Check the Deck for Updates

Make sure that your Steam Deck’s operating system is up-to-date. Navigate to the system settings and check for any available updates. Installing the latest updates can patch potential bugs or compatibility issues that might be causing the disappearance of the Decky Loader. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update process.

Desktop Mode and Reinstall Decky

If the Decky Loader remains elusive, try switching to Desktop mode on the Steam Deck. Once in desktop mode, uninstall Decky Loader using the provided installer. After uninstallation, download the latest version of Decky Loader from the official repository and reinstall it. Running the installer might prompt you to choose the version you want to install—select either the latest stable release or the prerelease version based on your preference. After installing, don’t forget to reload the plugins from the settings menu.

Check for Decky Updates

In some cases, the disappearance issue might be related to a specific version of the Decky Loader. Check the official GitHub page or the Decky Loader community for updates. If a new version is available, download and install it according to the provided instructions. If an update is not immediately available, keeping an eye on future releases is advisable, as the developers may address the issue in subsequent updates. Regularly checking for updates ensures that you have the latest version with potential bug fixes.

With that, we hope that you were able to access the decky loader again on your Steam Deck. Anyway, don’t forget to visit DigiStatement regularly for more gaming reads like this. Read more: How to install mods for Nier Automata Steam Deck version?