Starfield Slow Walk Bug: Is there any fix yet

Starfield Slow Walk Bug: Is there any fix yet

So you were exploring your way in Starfield, ready for a stroll through the terrains of the various planets in space. But is your character walking slower than usual, like a snail making its way through syrup? Well, you are not alone. Now, with such a vast space and area to cover in the game, this slow walking speed can obviously become an irritating issue. But what is the deal here and how to get back to normal speed?

In Starfield, some players have reported a situation where their character seems to be moving at a slower pace than usual, leading to concerns about a potential bug in the game. But is this even a bug? Or a misunderstood mechanic? If your in-game character is in a similar situation, read this guide until the end.

Starfield Slow Walk Bug: Is there any fix yet

Starfield Slow Walk Bug Is there any fix yet

Fortunately, this isn’t actually a bug but rather a game mechanic related to an “auto-run” toggle feature. This feature allows your character to toggle between walking and running without continuously holding down a movement key, making long journeys or exploration more convenient.

The confusion arises because the auto-run toggle can be activated or deactivated by pressing the Caps Lock key. It’s easy to press Caps Lock unintentionally during gameplay, especially if you have a habit of frantically pressing the keys on your keyboard while playing. Considering the location of the Caps lock key, which is very close to other keys used in the game like Tab and Shift, it is possible you pressed the Caps lock key once again and did not even realize it. That might have deactivated the AutoRun toggle, and once deactivated, your character will continue to move forward at a slower pace, which can understandably be mistaken for a bug.


The solution to this issue is simple: just press the Caps Lock key again. This action will deactivate the auto-run toggle, returning your character to its normal walking speed. It’s a common oversight, and even experienced players can accidentally trigger it. So, if you find yourself stuck in this slow walk, rest assured that it’s not a bug, and you can easily fix it by pressing the Caps Lock key.

Still walking slowly?

If your character in Starfield is still walking slowly even after pressing the Caps Lock key, it’s essential to check your inventory. Being over-encumbered, meaning you’re carrying too much weight, can slow down your character’s movement speed. Make sure you’re not exceeding your weight limit by reviewing your inventory and either dropping or storing items to lighten your load. This should help you regain your normal walking pace in the game.

In case you don’t want to lose your precious items, you can use your ship’s cargo hold or the storage locker at the Lodge to store all your in-game items. The character inventory should only be equipped with items that are extremely necessary to survive, like healing items, etc. Also, you can invest in skills like Weight Lifting that increase your character’s carrying capacity.

Well, now you know how to restore your regular walking speed in Starfield. If you found this solution helpful, consider following DigiStatement for more gaming tips and updates. And while we are on the topic of Starfield, here is our guide on the Oxygen not regenerating bug in the game.