Starfield Revelation Quest Bug: Is there any fix yet

Starfield Revelation Quest Bug: Is there any fix yet

More than one week has passed since Starfield’s release. The hype was certainly justified for this game, but at the same time, the poor optimization has made it hard for some players to completely enjoy it. Many issues are still plaguing the game, and the list keeps expanding. Recently, there’s another new bug that’s restricting players from progressing the Revelation quest in Starfield. If you are encountering a similar problem, continue reading this guide until the end.

One of the major reasons why this bug is so annoying is because the Revelation quest is the last main quest of the entire story. It’s the culmination of everything that’s happened since the start. And having bugs during this playthrough just spoils all the fun. The most frustrating bug is the one where nothing happens after the player travels to Masada. So, is there a fix? Let’s find out!

Starfield Revelation Quest Bug: Is there any fix yetStarfield Revelation Quest Bug: Is there any fix yet

Starfield Revelation Quest Bug: Is there any fix yet

For now, players will have to try the following workarounds as Bethesda is yet to put out an official fix. Try these workarounds out and see if any of them are of help to you.

Restart the game –

Like any other quest-related bug, we first recommend that you perform a quick restart of the game. Additionally, if a game restart doesn’t work, then do the same with your system. If the issue still persists, follow the next method.

Reload a previous save –

Players can also try reloading one of the previous saves to see if that playthrough also triggers the same bug. A preferred save should be the one closest to the current progress so that you don’t have to do much backtracking. Moreover, from now on, make sure to manually save your in-game progress instead of simply relying on auto-saves. Create one manual save before every major interaction. Considering the state that the game is in right now, save-scumming is the only thing that will allow you to progress through various quest bugs without much hassle.

Repair the game –

Validating the game files might also help with this bug. What it essentially does is check if a game is missing game files or not and then accordingly fix them. You can do this by opening Steam and then heading to the library. From there, right-click on Starfield and select Properties > Installed Files > Verify integrity of game files. Wait until the verification process is over and then restart your PC.

Update the game –

So far, Starfield has received one small patch. A substantial update is yet to be released, so we recommend you keep an eye out for an update and then install it. After this, check if it helped fix the bug. If it doesn’t, then try the next workaround.

Use console commands –

If none of the workarounds fix the issue, the console command workaround will. You can use it to deal with this bug too. One major thing we would like to preface this particular method with is that using the console command will mark your current save as modded. This will result in achievements being disabled for this particular save. If you are okay with this, then go ahead.

Now, the first thing you need to do is open the console command. For this, just press the tilde key (~) on your keyboard. After the console command is open, type or copy-paste the following: SetStage 0018AE76 100.

As explained by this comment here by LarryBjrd on Reddit, entering the aforementioned command will skip the first part of the quest, i.e., go to Masada III, leading you to the next part, which is blasting your way through several Starborn ships. Players can skip other bugged parts or stages of the quests too by entering the correct quest stage ID. The SQS command will help you with that. Additionally, console commands can also be used for things like infinite credits and more.

With that said, we hope you are able to fix the revelation quest in Starfield using the given workarounds. For more guides and information on the game, keep following DigiStatement. Also read: Starfield Divided Loyalties Quest Bug: Is there any fix yet