Satisfactory 1.0 Release Date, Features & more details

Satisfactory 1.0 Release Date, Features & more details

So, how are your construction projects going so far in Satisfactory? This first-person open-world factory-building game has been in Early Access since its debut. After several years of development and continuous community engagement, the wait is finally over—Satisfactory 1.0 now has a confirmed release date. That is not all! We also have a sneak peek into the content of the full release, that promises to deliver a polished and complete experience packed with new features, improvements, and refinements. So, in this article, we will take a look into the key aspects of the 1.0 release so that you are fully prepared for the ultimate factory-building adventure.

Update 8, released in December 2023, was the last major content update for Satisfactory before the developers went silent, leaving us awaiting news on what was to come. It turns out that this silence was the calm before the storm, as the developers have now returned with an exciting announcement: the full 1.0 release of the game! The full release is quite literally a game changer, and here are all the essential details you need to know to get ready before the 1.0 release date!

Satisfactory 1.0 Release Date, Features & more details

Satisfactory 1.0 Release Date, Features & more details

The developers have shared the update in the Steam news section of Satisfactory, detailing the upcoming 1.0 release. So, we will break down all the new content and features into bite-sized pieces of information, making it easy for you to grasp it all.

Release date?

Mark your calendars: Satisfactory is officially launching into its full 1.0 version on September 10th, 2024! We still have more than a month until the full release only if there are no hurdles or unforeseen troubles. Let us hope that there will be no delays in the release!

Major Updates

  • World updates: The world map now has several resource nodes added, altered, or removed. Notable changes include a reduction of nodes in the Northern Forest and a more even distribution of key resources like Caterium, Sulfur, and Quartz across the map. Additionally, Iron, Copper, Limestone, and water Geyser nodes have been more evenly spread, while Coal nodes have been both added near The Abyss and removed from a few other locations to balance resource availability.

  • Recipe updates: 1.0 will reduce dependencies on specific items like Heavy Modular Frames and Computers in Tiers 5 and 6. You can now advance without these items, with adjustments like fewer Encased Industrial Beams required for Heavy Modular Frames and Computers no longer needing Screws. Additionally, Supercomputers will no longer craft Programmable Splitters or Geothermal Generators, which now use AI Limiters and high-speed connectors.

  • Research updates: Research updates will make the progression across MAM (Molecular Analysis Machine) trees much easier. Supercomputers, previously a significant hurdle, are no longer part of the Caterium MAM Tree. Gas Masks are now accessible through the Mycelia MAM Tree instead of Tier 5, and you can unlock the Jetpack in Tier 5 without needing to complete Oil Processing first.

Game optimisations

The game has been optimized to improve its overall performance. To begin with, it has transitioned to Unreal Engine 5.3, bringing improvements such as reduced stuttering, lower memory requirements, and optimized VRAM usage. Foliage and vehicle interactions will no longer show unnecessary collisions. Additionally, computations for belts and pipes now occur in clusters! Non-interactive buildables have been transformed into nothing but a showpiece and it should not take an extra toll on your GPU.

Improved Dedicated Servers

The upcoming 1.0 release for Dedicated Servers includes a smaller distribution size for faster downloads, the use of a single port (7777) for both UDP and TCP, and simultaneous IPv4/IPv6 binding. Servers can now run as window or console applications, with improved logging and scripting support. TLS support has been added for secure connections. The Unreal console provides real-time server management and logging. Advanced Game Settings can be configured in the main menu, including auto-save intervals and server save data downloads. Finally, an HTTP API is introduced for external application interactions with the server.

Well, that’s all the information we have on the upcoming 1.0 release of Satisfactory. For a more detailed breakdown, you can check the official notes here. We hope this was helpful. And, for more gaming guides like this, keep visiting DigiStatement. Read more: The First Descendant Error Code NGS e3010507: How to fix it?