Rishi Shet Missing Maryland, Age And Parents- Is He Found?

Rishi Shet Missing Maryland, Age And Parents- Is He Found?
Rishi Shet From Maryland Is Missing: Here Are All The Updates Rishi Shet is a Maryland track and field athlete who went missing. His family and relatives have expanded the search.
The disappearance of Shet has shocked many people. He is a talented person with a good heart and doesn’t have beef with anyone. It is very peculiar what might have happened to the young boy. 
Rishi Shet Missing Maryland: Is He Found?
Rishi Shet is the missing Maryland teen.
Shet is a talented US Based violin performer. He is known as a kind and humble person among his friends.
In fact, he is involved in helping frail adolescents with HIV. However, Rishi needs our own help now. 
No, Rishi is not found to date.
The young man has been missing for a while now. This is a very unusual behavior by him, and everyone is worried.
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On the other hand, Rishi Shet death news is not out yet, which is a positive thing. Nevertheless, police have intensified their search team to find him in good condition. 
How Old Is Rishi Shet?
Rishi Shet is 14 years old in age.
Reports suggest that he is a native of Bengaluru, India. Similarly, he is associated with an NGO called Snehagram.
Similarly, he even raised awareness on Snehagram prisoners and helped to raise resources for them.
With his good work, Shet was popular among everyone. After he went missing, people have even set up a Facebook page to search for him. 
Update on His Parents
Rishi Shet parents have not spoken about the situation yet.
His mother is a pediatrician and works at St John’s Hospital. Likewise, Rishi’s mom is his primary inspiration behind all the good deeds.
We cannot imagine what his parents are going through right now. They might be devasted by the situation.
Furthermore, they are taking their time to release an official statement.  If you have any information related to the whereabouts of Rishi, we request you to consult the closest authority. Even a piece of small information can help locate him. Thank You.