Report: ‘Spider-Man 4’ to Begin Filming in Late September 2024

Report: ‘Spider-Man 4’ to Begin Filming in Late September 2024

Tom Holland’s ‘Spider-Man 4‘ is reportedly set to begin filming in late September 2024, as confirmed by Daniel Richtman on Patreon. The film currently does not have a director attached, but an offer has been made.

Spider-manImage: Marvel

Sony is trying to bring back Zendaya, while Jacob Batalon’s Ned Leeds won’t be back. The script is penned by Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers, known for their work on previous MCU Spider-Man films. There are rumors that Michael Keaton‘s Vulture, last seen in the mid-credits scenes of Sony’s ‘Morbius,’ will return.

We already reported that Spider-Man 4′ is being characterized as a “street-level civil war,” and there are hints that Kate Bishop, Echo, and Jessica Jones may make appearances in the film. Also, ‘Spider-Man 4’ may feature appearances by Charlie Cox’s Daredevil and Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man. Additionally, it has been confirmed that Ant-Man will have a “sizeable role” in the movie.

SPUMC and MCU May Merge in ‘Spider-Man 4’

The Sony Spider-Man Universe (SPUMC) and Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) are reportedly merging in Holland’s ‘Spider-Man 4.’

Report: 'Spider-Man 4' to Begin Filming in Late September 2024Image: Marvel

During an interview, Holland confirmed that the ‘Spider-Man 4’ script is looking good so far, but further details will soon be revealed.

Will Miles Morales join Holland’s ‘Spider-Man 4’? There is a possibility of Miles Morales joining Holland’s ‘Spider-Man 4,’ as the film may explore the idea of a multiverse. Holland said, It’s hard to say, but Holland teased “some stuff going on” in the untitled Spider-Man 4 that he’s “excited about.” “Whether or not it’ll come to fruition, who knows?” Holland added, “But right now it’s looking pretty good, and we’ll just have to wait and see.”

What is the Release Date for ‘Spider-Man 4’?

‘Spider-Man 4’ release date has not yet been revealed. We expected an update during CinemaCon 2024, but unfortunately, nothing was announced.

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