‘Rebel Moon-Part Two: The Scargiver’ Review: Zack Snyder’s Space Opera Descends Even Further Into A Black Hole Of Nothingness

‘Rebel Moon-Part Two: The Scargiver’ Review: Zack Snyder’s Space Opera Descends Even Further Into A Black Hole Of Nothingness

Slow-motion scenes that sputter story pacing? Check.
Poorly developed characters? Check.
Plot holes bigger than the Milky Way? Check.

…And we’re back, with part two of Zack Snyder Netflix space opera Rebel Moon-Part Two: The Scargiver You might be shocked to hear this, but part two manages to somehow be worse than part one. It’s biggest crime? Nothing happening for way too long. Starring Sofia Boutella, Djimon Hounsou, Ed Skrein, Michiel Huisman, Doona Bae, Stars Nair, Elise Duffy and Anthony Hopkins as the voice of ‘Jimmy’ the robot, these actors do what they can with what they are given. Is it because Snyder simply wears too many hats as writer, producer, director, and cinematographer, that this film suffers from inept storytelling? What will it take to get some semblance of story from him?!

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The headache-inducing journey of part two begins with exposition from Jimmy, who gives a rundown of the events in part one of Rebel Moon. The bargain basement guardians of the galaxy, who include Kora aka The Scargiver (Boutella), Gunnar (Huisman), General Titus (Hounsou), Nemesis (Bae), Prince Tarak (Nair), and Milius (Duffy), have returned to Velt to help stage an uprising they plan to execute in five day’s time when the army comes back to the planet for grain. Cora reports that Admiral Atticus Noble Skrein, is dead, but little does she know ,he’s been resurrected aboard the dreadnaught ship that hovers around Velt’s orbit.

Kora reveals the big part she had to play in the assassination of the King and Princess Issa, murders for which she was framed for causing her to leave Balisarius (Fra Fee), behind. This is how she becomes an outlaw. What comes next is 70-minutes of slog. Slow-motion of characters farming, more exposition on the history these heroes that the narrative doesn’t care about, and scenes that try to convince the viewer that these people combined can prepare a village of farmers for war against military might in five days, while Admiral Nobel whines about capturing The Scargiver.

With Rebel Moon Part One, acknowledgement should be given in that it did have some scenes that looked cool and is filled with action and movement (even if it was senseless). However, in The Scargiver is when the narrative is winded down to add substance to the characters and the world-building–and it isn’t executed with a modicum of care. As a story, it was more enjoyable when nothing was explained, and the audience didn’t know anything about anybody.

What is more noticeable here than the previous film is the makeup and hair are given little attention to detail. This is surprising because at least in Snyder’s content, the actors look stunning. Here, everything looks caked and glued on. Almost as if the budget had run low in that department. In fact, the entirety of this movie reads like the budget ran low and everything halfway comprehensible was put in the first part because that’s where the money is based on visuals alone.

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Snyder does deserve some credit and that’s mainly for diverse casting, but the failure to even highlight the actors strongest attributes is evident because their time is wasted doing nothing. Boutella should be leading Hollywood’s biggest action franchises. Djimon Hounsou is a two-time Oscar nominee, who should be a Hollywood leading man and films of various genres. Anthony Hopkins as Jimmy does less than nothing in this the character just stands around and watches for 90 percent of the runtime. Look, attaching Oscar winners and nominees to your film does not make it prestigious. Good storytelling is what gives a film prestige.

He’s created films that are good, great even. Dawn of the Dead is a great film. While it may not have aged well, 300 still stands out as one of the better comic book adaptations. The Snyder Cut of the Justice League isn’t perfect, but it is beautiful to look at and so are the actors. I am failing to realize how the foundation of what he’s built was not applied to Rebel Moon-Part Two: The Scargiver

Everyone involved in this deserves better–including the director and the viewer.  I want my 2hrs back!

Title: Rebel Moon-Part Two: The Scargiver
Distributor: Netflix
Release date: April 19, 2024
Director: Zack Snyder
Screenwriter: Zack Snyder
Cast: Sofia Boutella, Djimon Hounsou, Ed Skrein, Michiel Huisman, Doona Bae, Stars Nair, Elise Duffy, Anthony Hopkins
Rating: R
Running time: 2 hr 2 min