Read Ben Affleck’s love letter to Jennifer Lopez in ‘This Is Me…Now’ trailer

Read Ben Affleck’s love letter to Jennifer Lopez in ‘This Is Me…Now’ trailer

She’s still Jenny from the block. 

Jennifer Lopez is releasing a companion film to go with her new single and album – and her co-writer is none other than her husband, Ben Affleck, she announced.

Lopez, 54, will release her next album, “This Is Me…Now,” in February, and the first single from it will be called “Can’t Get Enough,” along with a companion film. 

Called, “This Is Me… Now: The Film” it will dive into the singer’s personal life. It’s co-written by Lopez, Matt Walton, and Affleck, and it will stream on Prime Video.

“This album is the most honest thing I have done, a culmination of who I am as a person and an artist,” she told Vogue last November. “People think they know things about what happened to me along the way — but they really have no idea, and a lot of times they get it so wrong. There’s a part of me that was hiding a side of myself from everyone.”

Jennifer Lopez had a nod to Ben Affleck in her teaser for her film. Getty Images Jennifer Lopez’s new single, “Can’t Get Enough,” has a companion film co-written by Ben Affleck. BMG

She released a trailer for the film on Monday, and it had a nod to her husband in it.

In it, Lopez is sitting in front of a fire during a rainy day. 

“When I was a little girl,” she says, “When someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was always… in love.”

She holds a letter dated Dec. 24, 2002, which appears to to be from Affleck, 51.

“Life’s tough but you’re sweet,” the note reads. “Thanks for the gift. Hope you like the flowers. You told me you could never have enough. I believe you.”

It’s signed, “B.” 

Jennifer Lopez in a teaser for her new album. Jennifer Lopez / Youtube Jennifer Lopez got Ben Affleck to co-write the film for her upcoming album. Getty Images

Affleck and Lopez dated the first time around from 2002 to 2004, before breaking their engagement and both going on to marry and have children with Jennifer Garner and Marc Anthony, respectively. After Lopez divorced Anthony in 2014 and Affleck divorced Garner in 2018, the former couple rekindled their relationship in 2021 and tied the knot in 2022. 

“It’s a beautiful love story that we got a second chance,” Lopez told People

Jennifer Lopez will address her love story with Ben Affleck in her upcoming album. Getty Images for LACMA

Her mom, Guadalupe Rodríguez, even said on “Today” about the couple, “I knew that you would always get back together, because I prayed for 20 years that you would.”

The album “This Is Me… Now” and the accompanying film will both be released Feb. 16. The single, “Can’t Get Enough,” will come out Jan. 10.