PS4 Error Code NP-34958-9: How to Fix It?

PS4 Error Code NP-34958-9: How to Fix It?

PlayStation 4 users have been facing multiple error codes lately, and recent reports have only added more to the list. Earlier, we shared some workarounds to fix the PS4 Error Code NP-34954-5, however, a new error code has plagued the players on the PS4 console. It is the new Error Code NP-34958-9. Sounds quite similar to the previous one, right? So, will the workarounds to fix the issue be similar as well? Fortunately, yes. If you are struggling with the same, consider reading this guide until the end to get rid of it.

Although the eight-generation console (PS4) from Sony is still a viable option for console gaming, the sudden influx of error codes that players have encountered has been quite detrimental to the platform’s reputation. But fixing these issues isn’t quite difficult, and it requires one to just follow a few steps. So, what are they?


PS4 Error Code NP-34958-9: How to Fix It?

Players have tried various methods to fix the Error Code NP-34958-9 only to be met with disappointment. However, with our provided workarounds, you will be able to fix the issue in no time. So, without any further ado, let’s get right into it. Also, make sure to follow the workarounds in the given order to ensure the best results.

1) Switch to Mobile Data

The issue can be due to your WiFi connection having issues. So, instead of fiddling with the network device, consider connecting the PS4 to your mobile’s hotspot via WiFi.

2) Deactivate the console from your PS account

So, for this step, head to the official PlayStation website, log in to your PS account and deactivate your PS4 console from the account by accessing the Device Management option. After this, reactivate it. Well, if you are using a shared account, follow the same steps again for the partnered accounts as well.

Note: Make sure to activate the PS4 console as primary.

3) Restore Licenses

For this, head to the Settings menu of your PS4 console and select the Account Management tab. Here, you will find the Restore Licenses option at the very end. Select the option, and then press the X button on your controller while having the Restore option selected. This will initiate the process.

4) Enter the game, then change DNS settings

After you are done restoring licenses, consider launching the game. But don’t proceed any further. While on the loading screen, press the PS button on your controller and go to the Settings menu. Now, select Network>Set Up Internet Connection. Here, you need to select either the WiFi or LAN option (whichever you are using) and then proceed with the Custom option in the next menu. Now, connect to the WiFi network in use, and then select the Automatic option in the IP Address Settings menu. Once this is done, in the DHCP Host Name menu, select Do Not Specify. After this, you will be taken to the DNS Settings tab. Here, you need to select the Manual option, and enter the following DNS settings:


Make sure that MTU Settings is set to Automatic and Proxy is set to Do Not Use. Now that this is done, select the Test Internet Connection option.

5) Head back into the game

After following all the given steps, all you need to do is go back to the game you were having trouble accessing, and the issue should be gone by now.

We hope this guide was able to provide you with all the information you needed. For more such unique guides on the latest gaming trends, make sure to visit DigiStatement daily.