PlayStation Portal Lagging & Performance Issues troubling players: Is there any fix yet

PlayStation Portal Lagging & Performance Issues troubling players: Is there any fix yet

Players who purchased the recently launched PlayStation Portal have raised concerns about lagging and performance issues, impacting the overall gaming experience. As a new product on the market, users are encountering delays in controls, disruptions in graphics, and other performance-related challenges, prompting a demand for solutions to address these reported issues and enhance the functionality of the PlayStation Portal. So, is there any fix yet? Has Sony acknowledged this issue? Well, continue reading to find out!

The gaming industry has witnessed a surge in the popularity of portable gaming and handheld consoles, with devices like the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck leading the way. Sony’s recent introduction of the PlayStation Portal adds to this trend, marking a significant step for the company into the realm of portable gaming experiences. While not a full-fledged console like its counterparts, the Portal reflects a notable stride by Sony in catering to the growing demand for gaming on the go. But, as you have read and experienced, things are not smooth for some players.

PlayStation Portal Lagging & Performance Issues troubling players: Is there any fix yet

PlayStation Portal Lagging & Performance Issues troubling players Is there any fix yet

As of now, there is no official fix for the reported lagging and performance issues plaguing the PlayStation Portal, and Sony has yet to acknowledge the problem. Given its nature as a streaming device, effective workarounds are limited. However, we’ve compiled some potential solutions below for users to try, though it’s important to note that these are not guaranteed fixes.


One suggested workaround for addressing lagging and performance issues on the PlayStation Portal is power cycling your console. Power cycling involves turning off the console, unplugging it from the power source, waiting for a short period, and then plugging it back in and restarting. This process may help resolve certain connectivity- or performance-related issues resulting in lags.

Edit PS5 Frame Rate 

This popular workaround comes from a user on Reddit. This workaround involves reducing the resolution and refresh rate on your PS5 before streaming the game on the PlayStation Portal. So, navigate to your PS5 settings, select “Screen and Video”, and then choose “Video Output”. Lower the resolution to 1080p and disable 120Hz output to match the streaming fidelity on the Portal. This can potentially improve the streaming experience on your portable device, so give it a shot!

Check your internet

Another recommended workaround for addressing lagging and performance issues with the PlayStation Portal is to check your internet connection. Since the Portal relies on streaming games over Wi-Fi, a stable and high-speed internet connection is crucial for optimal performance. Ensure that your internet connection meets the recommended speed requirements, and consider troubleshooting any connectivity issues you may encounter.

Connect the Console to the Router

To potentially enhance the performance of your PlayStation Portal and mitigate lag, consider connecting the console to your router using an Ethernet cable. Wired connections generally offer more stability and higher data transfer rates than wireless connections, which can contribute to a smoother gaming experience.

Use the 5GHz Band

Exploring the 5 GHz spectrum of your WiFi is another workaround to address potential lag and performance issues with your PlayStation Portal. The 5 GHz band generally offers faster data speeds and less interference than the 2.4 GHz band, potentially leading to improved streaming quality. However, it’s important to note that while this workaround may help in some cases, it doesn’t guarantee a solution.

Contact Support

If you’re still facing lag and performance issues with your PlayStation Portal, reaching out to Sony’s customer support is recommended. Perhaps the support team can provide personalized assistance and information about any potential updates or solutions to address the reported problems.

For now, those are the only effective workarounds to try for the performance issue on the new PlayStation Portal. We can only hope for Sony to fix it once and for all from their end. We will keep an eye on this situation and keep our readers updated on it. To not miss those updates, don’t forget to bookmark this page and stay tuned to DigiStatement. Read more: Forza Horizon 6 (FH6) Release date, Map location, Cars & more