Once Human crashing on Steam Deck: How to fix it

Once Human crashing on Steam Deck: How to fix it

Once Human is the newly released, free-to-play multiplayer open-world survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world where players face monstrous enemies and uncover secret plots. If you’re reading this article, congrats! You’ve successfully managed to get the game running on your Steam Deck! However, now you’re encountering crashes. So, how can you fix this? We’ll go over just that to help you get back into the action.

If you did not know, Once Human is not Deck Verified or labeled as playable for the Steam Deck. On top of this, the game doesn’t support controllers officially, but the developers have acknowledged it and shared that they will be adding support for controllers soon. Despite these challenges, the game can still be run and played on the Deck. That being said, if you’re experiencing crashes, what can be done? Well, let’s find out.

Once Human crashing on Steam Deck: How to fix it

Once Human crashing on Steam Deck How to fix it

While we don’t have a single sure-shot solution for this issue, what we do have are some potential fixes that have been successful with similar crashing issues with other games on the Steam Deck. After all, crashes on the Steam Deck are the most common errors you can face. Anyway, here are those potential fixes you can try.

Restart the Deck

One of the simplest yet effective solutions to fix any issues is to restart your Steam Deck. This can help clear any temporary glitches or conflicts that might be causing the game to crash. To do this, simply hold down the power button, select “Restart”, and then try launching Once Human again.

Check the Game for Updates

The game is still fresh and there will be future patches and other update releases to fix the issues cropping up. So, make sure you don’t miss those updates and that you have the latest version of Once Human installed. To check for updates, go to your game library, select “Once Human,” and click on “Check for Updates.” If an update is available, download and install it.

Try Different Proton Versions

Once Human can run on different Proton versions, and many players have found success with different versions. To change the Proton version, go to your Steam library, press the Options button in the “Once Human” tile in your Steam library, go to “Properties”, then “Compatibility”, and select the desired Proton version from the drop-down menu. The following versions have worked so far:

  • Proton 7.0-6: Some users have found this version to be effective in running the game smoothly.

  • Proton 6.3-8: This version has also been noted to work well, with fewer performance issues.

  • GE 9.10: After character creation, switching to this version can help reduce input lag, making the game more playable.

Use CryoUtilities

CryoUtilities is yet another set of tools to optimize game performance on the Steam Deck. Using CryoUtilities can help reduce crashes by optimizing system resources and improving game compatibility. You can download and install CryoUtilities from the Steam community or other trusted sources, and configure it for Once Human. To know how to download and install CryoUtilities, consider reading this guide.

Verify the Game Files

Corrupted or missing game files are the most common cause of crashes. So, go to the game’s Properties menu in your Steam library, and select the “Installed Files” tab. Here, select the “Verify Integrity of Game Files” option and wait out the process.

Reinstall the Game

Finally, if none of the above solutions works, reinstalling the game is your last option. To reinstall Once Human, right-click on the game in your Steam library, select “Manage” and then “Uninstall”. Once the game is uninstalled, reinstall it from your library. Preferably, try reinstalling on the Deck’s internal storage.

With these workarounds, we hope that you were able to get back into the post-apocalyptic world of Once Human without any further crashes. Now, before you leave, don’t forget to bookmark DigiStatement for more gaming guides and news. Read more: CYGNI All Guns Blazing Steam Deck, Lenovo Legion Go & Asus Rog Ally Support Details