Nick Cannon promotes fake ‘Who’s Having My Baby?’ game show with Kevin Hart

Nick Cannon promotes fake ‘Who’s Having My Baby?’ game show with Kevin Hart

Who’s your baby daddy?

Nick Cannon has become the target of many jokes after fathering 12 kids with six different women in recent years.

But this time, he’s in on the joke.

Cannon shocked the internet on Tuesday when he began promoting a fake game show titled “Who’s Having My Baby?” to be released on the E! network this spring.

The actor shared a promo video that truly looked like an E! television commercial teasing a new show hosted by Kevin Hart that would be “the mother of all game shows.”

“We’re not kidding around,” the narrator said in the fake ad — though they were.

The official E! Entertainment Twitter account even posted: “We’re def not kidding around! So excited for this!”

Nick Cannon jokingly promoted a fake game show with Kevin Hart titled “Who’s Having My Baby?”
Cannon shared a promotional photo and a trailer for the faux game show, fooling much of the internet into believing it was real. E!

The show appeared to be a competition game show featuring women vying to give birth to Cannon’s next child. “You’re going to get some contestants that wanna have your baby,” Hart said to Cannon in the trailer.

In the video, Hart introduces several women onto a stage where Cannon sits and chooses between the contestants: “Eenie, meenie, miney.”

Cannon then followed up with a fake promotional poster for the faux show and has continued having fun with the wild reactions people have had believing the ploy, even retweeting and reacting to some of the extreme comments.

Kevin Hart in the fake promo
The show was advertised as a competition game show where women would vie to be Cannon’s next baby mama. E!

“The public is going to love it!!!” Cannon replied when @zuri_eliza tweeted: “This is some real trailer park mess omg.”

“Why are people on this app so mean?! We love America!!!” the actor tweeted in response to a tweet that read: “This is somehow the worst s – – t I’ve ever seen and also 100% on brand for Nick Cannon, I pray the show flops but Americans are obsessed with s – – tty television, so who knows.”

“Yes! Finally I’ve made it! Thank you!” he joked when @TEISTHEONE called him “officially the corniest to ever live.”

Many people had strong opinions about Cannon continuing to procreate, but the TV host took it all in stride.

“These thought-provoking ‘Think Pieces’ about my Penis are riveting!” Cannon tweeted.

Cannon is the proud father to twins, Monroe and Moroccan, 11, with ex-wife Mariah Carey; Golden Sagon, 6, Powerful Queen, 2, and Rise Messiah, 5 months, with Brittany Bell; Onyx Ice Cole, 5 months, with LaNisha Cole; twins, Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, 1, and Beautiful Zeppelin, 3 months, with Abby De La Rosa; Zen, who died due to brain cancer in December 2021, and Halo Marie, 2 months, with Alyssa Scott; and Legendary Love, 8 months, with Bre Tiesi.

Over the summer, Cannon even joked about helping to repopulate the Earth.

Hart has also poked fun at his friend’s large brood on several occasions, once plastering Cannon’s cellphone number on billboards in Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York that also included the text: “For any advice on fatherhood? Call my best friend Nick Cannon.”

The comedian also gifted his friend with a condom vending machine for Valentine’s Day.

While “Who’s Having My Baby?” appears to be the latest in the prank saga and won’t actually come to fruition, the gag was a promotional bit for one of Hart’s upcoming, not-yet-announced projects.

A source confirmed to Variety that “all will be revealed as soon as [Wednesday], as Hart continues to expand his empire with another comedy franchise inside the NBCUniversal universe.”

As Hart continues to grow his media empire, Cannon may still be expanding his own dynasty.

“God decides when we’re done,” Cannon recently said, “but I believe I definitely got my hands full.”