Meet the rich kids of TikTok who are raking in up to $250,000 a month

Meet the rich kids of TikTok who are raking in up to $250,000 a month

TikTok has quickly become a popular platform for influencers to earn themselves a quick buck, but there’s a new group of rich kids earning seriously big from the app – and many of them under ten years old.

While many of us slog away at our 9-5 office jobs, these kid influencers are earning hundreds of thousands for just one post.

Interested in discovering which young TikToker has the highest earning potential in their home country, experts at compared each TikTokers’ predicted average monthly salary to that of their country’s average monthly wage.

And many of these youngsters are earning more in a month than we do all year!

In fact, some of these kids are potentially earning more than we do in many years, with some earning up to $3,759,030 a month!

Yep, you heard that right…

With countless kids out there with TikTok accounts before they can even hold their own heads up, let alone pose for a selfie, we wanted to know who are the most successful and who are the social network’s biggest earners.

Some children under 12 are predicted to earn up to 46,000 percent more than their country’s average monthly salary from the social media platform and TikTokers as young as two are accumulating more than 15 million followers, so without further ado, here are TikTok’s highest-earning kids!

The highest-earning TikTokers 12-years-old and under:

Sadim Khan

Sadim Khan also known as @sadim03 on TikTok.Sadim Khan also known as @sadim03 on TikTok.@Sadim03/ Tiktok

Known as @sadim03 on TikTok, at just six years old, Sadim Khan is the child TikToker potentially earning the most when compared to the average salary of his residing country.

From India, where the average salary is $449.56 a month, Sadim is typically earning $207,000 monthly – that’s almost 460 times the regular monthly wage.

Samayra Narula

Samayra Narula also known as @samayranarula on TikTok. Samayra Narula also known as @samayranarula on TikTok.@Samaranarula / Tiktok

In second is Samayra Narula, aka @samayranarula, aged 6, also from India, whose TikToks could earn her a monthly salary of $135,000.

That’s 29,929 percent higher than India’s average monthly salary.

Anastasia Radzinskaya

Anastasia Radzinskaya, also known as @likenastya on TikTok.Anastasia Radzinskaya, also known as @likenastya on TikTok.@likenastyan / Tiktok

Anastasia Radzinskaya, aka @likenastya ranks in third.

The Russian, aged 7, shares videos of her own songs and various activities with her father.

She is estimated to earn a whopping 265 times the Russian average salary at $165,030 a month.

Lizzie Britis also known as @Lizziebritis on TikTok.Lizzie Britis also known as @Lizziebritis on TikTok.TikTok / @Lizziebritis

Lizzie Britis

Next on the list of TikTokers under 12 earning big is Lizzie Britis.

Lizzie is known in the TikTok world as @Lizziebritis and potentially earns an average of $69,000 monthly which is 195 times Brazil’s typical monthly wage of $354.74.

When it comes to teen TikTokers, there are many of them also making big bucks just by posting videos to the platform.

Charlie D'Amelio also known as @Charliedamelio on TikTok.Charlie D’Amelio also known as @Charliedamelio on TikTok.@Charliedamelio

Charli D’Amelio

The teen TikToker with the highest earning potential is Charli D’Amelio.

At just 17, D’Amelio is recognized as @charlidamelio and could be earning more than 1,000 times the average monthly salary in the US with $3,759,030.

Liza Anokhina also known as @anokhinalz on TikTok.Liza Anokhina also known as @anokhinalz on TikTok.TikTok / @anokhinalz

Liza Anokhina

Liza Anokhina, aka @anokhinalz is in second place.

With a predicted earning of 24,107 percent more than the typical American monthly wage of $3,569.25; Liza is potentially earning $864,000 monthly.

Lebron James Jr. also known as @bronny on TikTok.Lebron James Jr. also known as @bronny on TikTok. TikTok /@bronny

Lebron James Jr

Another TikTok star from the United States, in third is Lebron James Jr, aka @bronny.

He’s the son of basketball player Lebron James Sr and could earn 43 times the average salary at $156,000 a month.

Leni Klum also known as @leniklum on TikTok.Leni Klum also known as @leniklum on TikTok. TikTok / @leniklum

Leni Klum

And 17-year-old Leni Klum comes in fourth.

Known as @leniklum, Klum has predicted earnings of $13,470 which is 277 percent more than the average American salary.

If you’re now re-thinking your career, we don’t blame you.