Make It at Market season 2: release date, host, location and everything we know

Make It at Market season 2: release date, host, location and everything we know

Make It at Market season 2 sees the inspirational crafting series returning for another installment this November.

As before, this inspirational BBC series will see a team of experts trying to help a series of budding entrepreneurs turn their hobbies into businesses.

The crafters will each be assigned talented mentors who will assess whether they're ready to try and make some money from their crafts out in the real world. As well as providing tips and tricks, the mentors will be putting their projects through a series of tests to see whether they can make a viable and profitable business. 

Here's everything we know about Make It at Market season 2...

Make It at Market season 2 release date

Make it at Market returns to BBC One on Monday, November 27 at 4.30pm for the brand new series. You can also find the first series on BBC iPlayer.

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Who's hosting Make it at Market season 2? 

The Repair Shop's Dominic Chinea is returning alongside his team of business and craft experts to try and help change the lives of some hopeful entrepreneurs who are looking to make some money from their hobbies.

Chinea has shared exactly how he feels about returning for another series. "I'm so excited to be back for a brand new series with our talented makers and mentors", he said. "We filmed during the summer months in beautiful Oxfordshire and it was such a creative environment. 

"The process was a real joy to be involved in, we met 30 incredible makers in total, from artists and designers to sculptors and woodworkers - a real eclectic mix. We worked hard to challenge the makers to unleash their untapped business potential and rediscover why they fell in love with the craft in the first place."

Who will we meet in Make it at Market season 2?

We'll be introduced to 30 makers in total in the new series of Make it at Market, the BBC has revealed. 

They include Des, an ex-teacher who is trying to make a career out of willow-weaving, Hayley, a mother who wants to build her family's fortune with an upholstery company, and Will, a color-blind pointillist artist.

Every maker will be paired up with expert mentors in their respective fields who'll assess whether these amateur craftspeople have what it takes to make cash, along with providing practical tips and tricks.  

The mentors will also put them through a couple of key tests: the High-Volume Challenge will see whether the makers can produce saleable items cheaply and quickly, while the High-End Piece will see them making a more time-intensive item made with expensive materials (which fetches a higher price tag!).

They'll also face a third challenge, where they'll identify their favorite piece which they love to manufacture... but will the makers' faves be profitable? 

Make it at Market season 2 episode guide 

Episode 1

In the first episode under confident Birmingham cleaner Rachel is doubtful about her jewellery-making skills while Wiltshire-based coppersmith Roy has quit his IT job to focus on sculpting. Rachel makes a series of eye-catching earrings, while Roy creates striking copper lilies, a maple leaf sphere and a flame-painted nautilus. Can experts Rachel Jeffrey and Ian Gill help them realise their untapped business potential? Let’s just say, by the end, there may be something in your eye - in a good way! 

Rachel Taylor at the Jewellery Studio.

Rachel Taylor at the Jewellery Studio.  (Image credit: BBC/Flabbergast TV Ltd)

Where was Make it at Market season 2 filmed? 

Make it to Market season 2 was filmed over the summer in Waterperry Gardens in Oxfordshire.

The previous series was filmed at Stoneywell, a cottage found near the village of Markfield in Leicestershire's Charnwood Forest.

Is there a trailer?

We haven't seen a trailer for Make It at Market season 2 just yet, but you can watch the trailer for the first edition which Dominic Chinea shared online below: