‘Love, For Real’ Hallmark Movie Premiere: Trailer, Synopsis, Cast

‘Love, For Real’ Hallmark Movie Premiere: Trailer, Synopsis, Cast

After taking a break from summer romance to showcase Christmas in July, Hallmark Channel is veering back to warmer temperatures as it brings in an all-star cast for its final Summer Nights flick, “Love, For Real.” The film stars Chloe Bridges, Scott Michael Foster, Taiana Tully and Corbin Bleu.

Hallmarkies will be in for a treat because of this all-star cast, even though they aren’t all regulars on the network. While Scott Michael Foster starred in “In the Key of Love,” he is likely best recognized for his roles as Cappie on “Greek,” Leo Hendrie on “Chasing Life” and Nathaniel Plimpton III on “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” Corbin Bleu has not yet starred in a Hallmark production but is a face fans will recognize if they have ever watched any of the three High School Musical movies, which he starred in as Chad Danforth.

As for the leading ladies of this project, Tully is likely a new face to many, with her most notable credits being small roles on “Hawaii Five-O" and “Magnum PI” previously, but Bridges is someone who may be recognizable. While she also hasn’t starred in a Hallmark film, she’s been in several projects over the years, and is likely most recognizable as either Dana in “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam,” Zita on “Faking It,” Sydney Driscoll on “Pretty Little Liars” or Roxy on “Insatiable.”

So what can fans expect from this foursome? According to a synopsis, romance and intrigue will be on the menu as Summer Nights comes to an end.

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“Hayley (Bridges), an ambitious fashion designer, goes on a reality dating show with a strategy: gain just enough publicity to get her fashion line financed, then get eliminated,” a synopsis reads. “Hayley’s best friend Bree (Tully) is also a contestant and the two try and come up with a plan that could help both their careers. But they didn’t account for ambitious producer Luke (Foster) and tar bachelor Marco (Bleu), who have their own goals to make sure both women stay on the show until the dramatic finale.”

As it turns out, bonds will form in the group as well, and when Hayley and Luke initially begin to quarrel, they find themselves surprisingly attracted to each other. Now, with Hayley’s role on the show in question, she will have to decide where her heart truly lies.

“When they start falling for each other in front of the viewing audience, Hayley must choose between the man the world wants for her, or the man she wants for herself,” the synopsis says.

“Love, For Real” premieres Saturday, July 31 at 9 p.m. EDT on Hallmark Channel.

Love For Real Chloe Bridges and Scott Michael Foster star in “Love, For Real.” Photo: Crown Media United States LLC/ Zack Dougan