King Charles isn’t final say in forcing Prince Andrew out of his home

King Charles isn’t final say in forcing Prince Andrew out of his home

It won’t be easy for King Charles to give his younger brother Prince Andrew the boot from his beloved Royal Lodge home in Windsor.

But as it turns out, the situation to move him out of the $37 million property is not really in the monarch’s hands.

The UK’s chancellor of the exchequer can also force the Duke of York, 63, to vacate the premises.

This position is the chief finance minister in the Parliament and is responsible for setting volumes of taxation and public spending across the country.

The current chancellor is Jeremy Hunt.

“The lease is in the duke’s name, so no one can take that away from him,” the friend told the Times recently.

“It has never been suggested that it could be taken away from him,” the pal continued. “It’s a long lease with 80 to 90 years left on it.”

They continued: “That’s not a matter for the king. It’s a matter for the chancellor of the exchequer.”

The source noted that there is only one way to kick Andrew out of the abode — through a civilized arrangement that he would have to agree to.

prince Andrew
The Duke of York is refusing to leave his longtime Royal Lodge home in Windsor.

The Royal Lodge was gifted to Andrew in 2002, and he has been living there with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

The Windsor residence is allegedly set to be given to Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton.

Charles is even trying to persuade Queen Elizabeth’s favorite child to move into Frogmore Cottage, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s former home.

Andrew is “refusing to budge” from the home and Charles, 74, has been trying to get him to leave the 30-room mansion since April.

King Charles III
King Charles has ordered his younger brother to vacate the Royal Lodge, so it can be given to Prince William and his family.AP

Andrew is also reportedly afraid that the sovereign could unplug the electricity at the lodge in an attempt to oust him more quickly.

“He is so fragile. He’s refusing to see anybody. This has been his family home for the past 20 years. Is it really sensible to kick him out?” the insider told the Daily Mail earlier this month.

royal lodge
Prince Andrew has lived at the Royal Lodge in Windsor since 2002.Roland Hoskins/ANL/REX

“He’s concerned that now the coronation is over, the knives are out,” they added. “He’s worried that the royals might even turn off the utilities to get him out of there. But we’re dealing with human beings, not real estate.”

Andrew is still hoping to sit down and talk with his oldest brother, so they can work out their differences about the house with civility.

“If Charles wants Andrew to play ball and help the family through these difficult times, aren’t there better ways of going about it?” the friend wondered.