Joe Jonas didn’t react well to losing ‘The Voice’ gig to brother Nick

Joe Jonas didn’t react well to losing ‘The Voice’ gig to brother Nick

The Jonas Brothers may be adults now, but maturity is no match for this sibling rivalry.

The DNCE frontman, 33, revealed on Tuesday’s episode of “Armchair Expert” with Dax Shepard that he got the news while watching a Fleetwood Mac concert in Madison Square Garden in 2019.

“It was at the most picturesque setting,” Joe began. “And as they were playing ‘Landslide,’ I found out that [Nick] was going to be a judge on ‘The Voice’.”

He continued, “I was so jealous. I cried my eyes out to ‘Landslide’.”

The “Cake By the Ocean” singer, 30, admitted that not scoring the TV job was “bittersweet” because “of course, I’m super happy for him, but I’m also bummed because I wanted the f- -king gig.”

The “Jealous” crooner signed on to be a judge and coach on seasons 18 and 20 of “The Voice,” replacing Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine.

Nick and his brother Kevin Jonas, 35, also stopped by the podcast and the latter mentioned that Joe was previously a judge on the Australian version of the NBC singing competition series.

nick Jonas and joe jonas
Joe and Nick Jonas competed for a spot as judge on “The Voice.”
Jonas brothers
Joe Jonas discussed his brothers on an episode of “Armchair Expert.” Armchair Expert Podcast

Kevin noted that because of this act, Joe was excited and eager to return to “The Voice” stage.

“I just enjoyed the job, so I was like, ‘What the f- -k?’ ” Joe stated. “But [Nick] crushed it and it was great.”

The “Married to Jonas” star also chimed in and disclosed that he felt slightly envious when Nick and Joe pursued separate endeavors such as acting and solo singing projects.

“I was definitely like, I am so happy that’s happening for one of us, but I wish it was the three of us, you know?” Kevin confessed.

Jonas brothers
Nick signed on to be a judge and coach on seasons 18 and 20 of “The Voice” in 2019. Getty Images

Nick interjected: “We always say we want someone with the last name Jonas to win. That’s our goal.”

“We both auditioned for the same role, Joe and I. It was for ‘Wicked,’ actually. And we were going into it… and naturally, we’re brothers, we’re competitive in sports and other things, but when it comes to our career, I think we genuinely both looked at each other like,” he continued.

Added Joe, “Yeah, we said, ‘Go in there and kill it ’cause it’s gotta be one of us. It has to be one of us.’ That being said, never got that call…”

The trio formed their pop band the Jonas Brothers in 2005 and broke up in 2013. However, they reunited in 2019 and released their sixth album on May 5.