Jane Fonda: I ‘worry’ about ‘Barbarella’ remake with Sydney Sweeney

Jane Fonda: I ‘worry’ about ‘Barbarella’ remake with Sydney Sweeney

Original “Barbarella” star Jane Fonda is “pretty-pretty” nervous about the remake of the hit 1968 sci-fi film.

“Euphoria” actress Sydney Sweeney, 25, will executive produce and star in a new version of “Barbarella” as the titular heroine, a gorgeous, blonde astronaut from the 41st century.

“I try not to [think about it],” Fonda, 85, told the Hollywood Reporter recently of her thoughts on the new movie.

“Because I worry about what it’s going to be,” the “9 to 5” icon added.

Roger Vadim directed the original film over 50 years ago and, while the movie wasn’t a box-office hit at first, it’s become a cult classic over the decades. Fonda also recalled how she had a vision for a remake of her own at one point, but it never saw the light of day.

“I had an idea of how to do it that [original producer] Dino De Laurentiis, when he was still alive, wouldn’t listen to,” the star of “Grace and Frankie” rued. “But it could have been a truly feminist movie.”

View of a scene from the science fiction film Barbarella with Irish actor Milo O'Shea (1926-2013) in character as Durand Durand directing Jane Fonda as Barbarella and John Phillip Law (1937-2008) as Pygar the blind angel to the throne room of the Queen of Sogo, Rome, Italy in 1968. (Photo by Rolls Press/Popperfoto via Getty Images/Getty Images)
Milo O’Shea, Jane Fonda as Barbarella and John Phillip Law behind-the-scenes of “Barbarella” in Rome, Italy, 1968.Popperfoto via Getty Images
BARBARELLA, Jane Fonda, 1968, on all fours
Jane Fonda as a space astronaut in “Barbarella.”.Everett Collection

New “Barbarella” star Sweeney has yet to speak on the Sony Pictures project, which currently has no approximate release date nor other cast members attached.

If following in the Hollywood bombshell’s footsteps seems intimidating (good luck, Sydney), imagine sharing a spotlight with the Golden Age icon Katharine Hepburn. Fonda looked back on her time filming the 1981 movie “On Golden Pond” with the great Hepburn in an interview with AARP The Magazine published earlier this month, admitting it was a daunting experience.

“I was intimidated by Katharine Hepburn, that’s for sure. My God,” she confessed.

The VHS workout video mogul added that she models the way she treats people on set in the complete opposite way as Hepburn did during their time making the family drama.

“When we made ‘On Golden Pond,’ she made sure that she was always top dog — and that I knew it,” Fonda said “I think my co-stars will tell you that I really try to do the opposite and make people feel comfortable.”

Hepburn won the Oscar for Best Actress for her work in “On Golden Pond,” while Fonda earned a Best Supporting Actress nomination.

Her father, Henry Fonda, also starred in the film and won the Best Actor award.