How To Pass the CISM® Exam 2022?

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM®) is a designation offered by Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). CISM® certification shows that the candidate has the best knowledge and experience required to develop and manage a company’s infosec (information security) program. The CISM-certified professional has expertise in four information security areas. These are:

  • Information security incident management

  • Information security program development and management

  • Information security governance

  • Information risk management

As technology is advancing, the risk of cyber-attacking is also increasing. Because of this, information security professionals are highly in demand. Earning the CISM® Certification will help the candidates to get jobs easily around the globe. Therefore, candidates should join CISM training so that they can learn how to manage IT risks and maintain security systems.

What Are the Steps to Get the CISM® Certification?

The steps to earn the CISM Certification are given below:

  • Get the training – Firstly, aspirants are advised to join the CISM® training program. To join this program, they should meet its eligibility criteria. People having five years of work experience in managing information security can apply for the CISM training program. After joining the program, the professional will be trained by expert trainers.

  • Take up the exam – Register for the CISM exam on the ISACA website. Take the exam and score well to pass it. After passing the exam, the candidates will be notified on how to apply for the CISM certification.

  • Get the certification – Aspirants must apply for the certification within 5 years after clearing the exam. They have to submit an application processing fee of $50 along with the application to get the CISM Certification.

What Are the Prerequisites For the CISM® Certification?

The prerequisites are as follows:

  • Candidates must have five years of work experience in professional information security management.

  • This diversified work experience should involve all the four regions of information security and should be verified by senior employers.

What Are the Learning Goals of the CISM® Training?

The learning goals of the CISM training program are listed below: 

  • Information security governance – Candidates will learn how to maintain and develop a strategy for information security to achieve organizational goals.

  • Information risk management – Candidates will learn to tackle and manage risks in IT processes and business.

  • Development of information security program – Candidates will comprehend how to combine information security programs with other business technology.

  • Management of information security incidents – Candidates will get to know how to find, investigate, recover and respond to information security incidents.

  • Information security strategy – Aspirants will learn to manage and define information security duties throughout the organization.

  • Trends and technologies of information security – Candidates will be trained to master the latest concepts and technologies of information security.

What Skills Are Depicted Through the CISM® Certification?

The skills depicted through the CISM certification are listed below:

  • Management of risk responses

  • Management of risk

  • Facilitating security protocols

  • Security architecture

  • Software security

  • Security testing

  • Information security

  • Network security

  • Asset security

Preparation Tips to Pass the CISM® Exam 2022

Below are some tips and tricks to pass the CISM exam 2022:

  • Go Through the ISACA Exam Guide

Aspirants preparing for the CISM exam must go through the latest version of the ISACA exam guide as it contains lots of study materials. Through this guide, they will get basic information on the exam like exam pattern, time duration, languages preferred, etc. The guide will help them to improve their skills and knowledge of security systems.

  • Make a Study Plan

A good study plan helps in better time management. Therefore, students are advised to prepare a schedule so that they can use their time wisely. This will help them to focus on each topic. Also, by making a timetable they will be able to finish their course on time.

  •  Join the CISM® Training Program

Sometimes it is impossible to understand every concept. Therefore, students should join the CISM training program or online prep course to prepare well for the examination. The skilled teachers will help to clear all the doubts. The students will opportunity to ask queries regarding any CISM-related topic. Also, teachers will provide them with the best study materials.

  • Practice Solving Question Papers 

It is said that practice makes a man perfect. Hence, students must practice solving several question papers. They can ask their mentors to take practice tests. By solving these papers, students will get to know what type of questions are asked in the exam. It will help them to know which topics they need improvements on and which topics are of high weightage.

  • Prepare Notes 

While studying, students are advised to make short notes that can be used before the examination day. They can make notes of important topics and technical terminologies. Students can use these notes so that they don't have to go through the whole chapter.

  • Watch Informative Videos

Most students prefer to study from books. Besides books, they should also use visual study materials. They can use Youtube to watch informative videos based on the CISM exam. These videos can assist them to understand every concept and how to answer questions in the exam. By seeing videos, they will be able to grasp things easily.

  • On the Examination Day 

On the day of the examination, students are advised to stay calm and keep their minds fresh. They should not get stressed and try to focus on the question paper. After getting the question paper, they should read all the instructions carefully. Students should try to attempt those questions whose answers they know.


As the cases of cyber attacking in the world are increasing, the demand for information security professionals is also increasing. Candidates who are willing to join the infosec department must earn the CISM® certification. This certification will help them to get jobs easily. To earn this certification, they have to give the CISM® exam conducted by the ISACA. Hence, students have to score well in this exam. They can go through some preparation tips to prepare for the CISM examination.