How to fix PS4 error code WS-37503-8?

How to fix PS4 error code WS-37503-8?

Are you also facing PS4 error WS-37503-8? Continue reading this article as we will be discussing a solution for this error in this article. PS4 is a home video game console developed and published by Sony. Released in 2013, this product is absolutely amazing and its name has always been on the gamer’s tongue. PS4 stands strong with its competitors Microsoft’s Xbox One, Nintendo’s Wii U, and the Switch. However, despite being an amazing gaming console, it still faces some errors that troubles players. This time, it is Error Code WS-37503-8. Here is what you need to know to fix this error.

PS4 Error Code WS-37503-8: How to fix it?

This complicated-looking network connection-related error has a very simple solution. Follow the below-mentioned steps that will provide a solution for this error.

  1. Open PS4 and go to Settings

  2. Select Network

  3. Select Test Internet Connection.

  4. Here, make sure that your internet connection is successfully established. If there is any problem with your Internet connection or the speed of your connection is very low, you can always shift to a wired internet connection. To change the type of internet connection, head to this path: Settings> Network> Set Up Internet Connection> Use a LAN cable.

  5. On the other hand, if you are unable to use a wired internet connection, set custom settings for your WiFi. To do this, follow this path: Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection > WiFi > Custom > *Select the Wifi you intend to use* > Automatic > Do not Specify > Manual > Type in Primary, and in Secondary DNS.

Note: These DNS may vary from region to region. and are DNS servers provided by Google to ensure faster internet connectivity.

So, this was all about fixing the network-related PS4 error. Make sure to share this article with your friends to help them fix PS4 Error Code WS-37503-8.

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