Hollyoaks spoilers: Warren Fox FIGHTS for Mercedes McQueen!

Hollyoaks spoilers: Warren Fox FIGHTS for Mercedes McQueen!

Smitten Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) goes to desperate lengths to keep Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) close in tonight's Hollyoaks at 7pm (see our TV Guide for full listings).

Foxy has fallen hook, line and sinker for the sultry McQueen, but there's just one problem - she's engaged to his best mate, Felix Westwood (Richard Blackwood). 

Also, unbeknownst to Warren, Mercedes is secretly pregnant and has no idea if he or Felix is the father!

Three is definitely proving to be a crowd, and Mercedes is keen to get as far away from the village - and Warren - as possible.

But how long can she keep running away from her feelings?

Felix proposes to Mercedes

Mercedes doesn't know who she really wants - Felix or Warren. (Image credit: Lime Pictures)

Keen to start afresh in Plymouth, Mercedes and Felix ask Warren if he'll buy them out of the garage so they can use the money for a house deposit.

In private, Warren pleads with Mercedes to stay and give things a go between them, but she's adamant she only wants Felix.

But Warren's desperate not lose her and suggests Mercedes and Felix move in with him rent free while they start saving for their new place.

In turmoil, Mercedes decides there's only one person she can turn to, but first she's got to find them.

After getting out of a cab at the station she leaves this mystery person a voicemail asking for their help.

Who is it?


How long can Mercedes keep on running from Warren? (Image credit: Lime Pictures )

Meanwhile, DS Zoe Anderson (Garcia Brown) opens up to grandmother Pearl Anderson (Dawn Hope) about how her work is affecting her personal life.

Zoe feels as if being a detective has left her isolated and ruined all her relationships - romantic and otherwise.

After getting roped into helping Jack Osborne (Jimmy McKenna) deck the halls at The Dog, Zoe finds herself seeking advice from the village veteran.

He helps get things clear in her head, leading Zoe to apologise to Pearl and mum Sharon Bailey (Jamelia) for her past behaviour.

Zoe is shocked

Zoe feels regret over the way she's treated her loved ones. (Image credit: Lime Pictures)

Lucas Hay (Oscar Curtis) is relieved to learn Dillon Ray (Nathaniel Dass) didn't grass him up for trapping his hand in a locker.

The troubled teen thanks his friend, but Dillon knows something serious is eating away at Lucas. 

Later, Leah (Ela-May Demircan) tells Dillon how her brother stayed out all night after a run-in with stepdad James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan), but unable to admit the truth, Lucas makes out he slept over at a girl's house.


Dave wants to give Cindy a Christmas to remember. (Image credit: Lime Pictures )

Elsewhere, Cindy Cunningham's (Stephanie Waring) hopes of a happy family Christmas are dashed when Mason Chen-Williams (Frank Kauer) announces he plans on spending the festive season with mum, Honour. 

Dave Chen-Williams (Dominic Power) accepts his son's decision, but Cindy is left feeling deflated and like none of their family want to spend any time with them.

However, Dave has a little seasonal surprise that might just lift her spirits...

Hollyoaks airs Monday - Friday on E4 at 7pm.