Here’s How Much Each Member Of The Royal Family Is Worth

Here’s How Much Each Member Of The Royal Family Is Worth

The British royal family has power, prestige, and tons and tons of money. Contrary to popular belief, the Royals aren’t fully funded by taxpayers. They’re independently wealthy with inheritances, crown estates, and allowances. Alone, the crown jewels have an estimated worth of between £3 and £5 billion ($4 – $6.6 billion). Their combined wealth is thought to be around $88 billion.

So, how much are the British family members actually worth? Spoiler: even the poorest royals are still wealthier than most of us could ever imagine.

Sarah Ferguson ($1 Million)

Sarah Ferguson, the former Duchess of York, only has a $1 million net worth, but that doesn’t mean she’s struggling. She currently lives in a £13 million home in an upper-crust skiing village (she can thank the Duke of York for their massive chalet, which she got in the divorce).

Fergie is one of the few scorned royals who originally wasn’t even invited to Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s wedding (she was outright banned from William and Kate’s). Selling secrets to the press will do that. Aside from being a royal gossip, Fergie has held numerous jobs since her divorce including decades-long endorsements with Weight Watchers and Avon. She’s currently a public speaker, TV personality, and film producer.