General Hospital spoilers: week of February 26-March 1

General Hospital spoilers: week of February 26-March 1

It's going to be another big week on General Hospital, with lots of drama and intrigue to keep things exciting. If you want to see what's coming up this week, or if you missed an episode and need to see what happened last week, we've got you covered with our General Hospital spoilers for the week of February 26 to March 1.

Take a look at the General Hospital spoilers for February 26, courtesy of TV Guide:

Monday, February 26
"Sonny has a job for Spinelli; Blaze's mother, Natalia, surprises her with an early visit; Nina seeks Ava's help; Carly is wary of John; Curtis encourages Drew."

Tuesday, February 27
"Nina tries to defend her actions to Sonny; Drew opens up to Carly; Blaze has a defining moment with her mother; Maxie and Spinelli get closer."

Wednesday, February 28
"Tracy, Lois and Maxie help Brook Lynn find a wedding dress. Chase needs to clear something up. Carly tells Sonny about her run-in. Joss tries to find Dex. John runs into Scott."

Thursday, February 29
"Dante tries to play peacemaker. Sonny confronts John. Brook Lynn reassures Chase. Lois has it out with Tracy. Finn and Elizabeth discuss their future."

Friday, March 1
"Felicia makes a confession. Dante discovers a connection. Anna and John hash out their differences. Sonny and Spinelli loop Ava into their plan. Blaze and Kristina make a revelation."

And in case you missed out on last week's episodes, here's what happened on General Hospital for the week of February 19, courtesy of Soap Opera News:

Monday, February 19: "Josslyn is determined. Valentin makes an announcement. Tracy feels slighted. Curtis comforts Trina. Stella helps Marshall get answers."

Tuesday, February 20: "Anna makes a proposal to Cyrus. Jordan is surprised. Portia is rocked by Curtis’s admission. Sonny rebuffs Dante. Valentin counsels Nina."

Wednesday, February 21: "Ava and Sonny confront their past. Nina makes a revelation to Carly and Drew. Trina encourages Josslyn. Felicia helps Lucy. Spinelli confides to in Cody."

Thursday, February 22: "Sonny and Selina put their heads together. Maxie and Spinelli share a close moment. Carly and Drew are at odds. John thwarts Anna and Dante. Sasha commends Cody."

Friday, February 23: "Sam opens up to Elizabeth. Gregory presses Tracy. Sonny makes a big decision. Kristina and Blaze share a romantic evening. TJ is concerned."

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC and is the available on-demand the following day on Hulu. Check your local listings to see when it comes on where you are.