General Hospital spoilers: Sonny and Natalia's big date ruined by…?

General Hospital spoilers: Sonny and Natalia's big date ruined by…?

General Hospital's Don Juan, aka Sonny (Maurice Benard), is once again single and ready to mingle. Having divorced Nina (Cynthia Watros) for her multiple lies and kicked Ava (Maura West) out of his condo, he seemingly has his eyes set on new Port Charles resident Natalia (Eva Larue). The two have been sharing some pretty touching scenes lately, and it's obvious his charms are working on her. It would seem all these two need to jumpstart their romantic journey is an official first date with all the bells and whistles. However, when Sonny tries to make that happen, will his plans get foiled? 

Unfortunately for the duo, Ava is on the warpath and determined to destroy Sonny after he rejected her and threatened to take away Avery (Ava & Grace Scarola). She already launched her first attack by leaking to the press an audio recording of Natalia making disparaging remarks about the LGBTQ+ community as it pertains to her daughter Alison (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) and Kristina (Kate Mansi). While the story is embarrassing for Natalia, it's done little to cause friction between her and Sonny, so Ava may have another trick up her sleeve. 

Maura West as Ava holding a phone in General Hospital

Maura West in General Hospital (Image credit: ABC/Christine Bartolucci)

It's not hard to imagine Ava doing something rather underhanded to create a situation where Sonny erratically, yet violently, reacts. She knows he's not on the proper bipolar medication and his fuse is relatively short, so it wouldn't be hard to provoke him. 

If she takes this course of action and perfectly times the sabotaging act, not only would it likely paint a completely new side of Sonny to Natalia, but it would also help Ava in her custody battle with the kingpin. It's worth mentioning that Scott (Kin Shriner) told Ava Sonny would need to do something explosive for Ava to get full custody of Avery, so Ava has plenty of motivation to enact a manipulative plan. 

Should Ava prove not to be the saboteur for Sonny and Natalia's big night, then perhaps those honors will be reserved for Kristina. She probably doesn't want her girlfriend's mom dating her dad. If things were to go south between Sonny and Natalia, that could put a strain on Kristina's relationship with Alison. Considering Sonny's track record with women that's a valid concern. His longest relationship has been with Carly (Laura Wright), and that relationship has been anything but stable over the last two-plus decades. 

Kate Mansi and Maurice Benard as Kristina and Sonny talking in General Hospital

Kate Mansi and Maurice Benard in General Hospital (Image credit: Disney/Christine Bartolucci)

If Kristina catches wind her father is planning a night of romance for Natalia, it's in the realm of possibility she does something to stop it. Since Sonny is on thin ice with Kristina these days, an impassioned plea from her not to date Natalia could work — in the immediate future at least. Sonny marrying Nina although Michael (Chad Duell) was livid is all the proof we need that Sonny listens to his heart, not his kids. 

Now if not Ava nor Kristina, then we believe the person who could ruin a night with Natalia is Sonny himself. Again, his behavior is a bit erratic these days, so he could just lose his cool in a moment unprovoked. As wildly charming as Sonny is, his short temper these days can be a bit of a red flag. 

We'll just have to pay close attention to see what happens in the budding romance between Sonny and Natalia. 

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