Fane Flaws Death Cause- His Wife Age, Family Net Worth And Facebook

Fane Flaws Death Cause- His Wife Age, Family Net Worth And Facebook
Is Fane Flaws Dead? Everything To Know About The New Zealand Musician Table of Contents
Fane Flaws was a great New Zealand musician, and his death is caused due to the fatal illness of cancer.
Fane Flaws was a New Zealand musician, songwriter, director, etc.
Well known for his graphical design and animation exploits, he also owned an art gallery under his name.
Furthermore, his arts and music sector contribution led him to be inducted into the NZ Film Archive Music Video Wall of Fame.
Similarly, Fane Flaws was also the Massey University Design Hall of Famer.
What Is Fane Flaws Death Cause?
Fane Flaws’s cause of death is noted to be cancer.
The creative artist got diagnosed with cancer two years ago, and after battling with this deadly disease, he eventually succumbed to it.
He was the founder of the pop group called The Crocodiles, a short-lived band in the 1980s.
Well, his music growth from The Crocodiles to Blerta to Spats, he had never failed to bring out that inventive transition in every stage. We are very saddened to hear that Fane Flaws passed away today. Simon Grigg says, "Like very many I'm sure, I'm so very sad. He was an extraordinary man and no doubt much will be written in coming days. When we first did Fane's AudioCulture profile in 2013… 1/2 @Opdiner
— AudioCulture (@AudioCultureNZ) June 17, 2021 Fane Flaws Wife And Family
Fane Flaws’ wife is named to be Shaan Flaws.
As per his self-titled website, he, along with his wife, embarked to open a boutique publishing company called “Monkey Biz Limited” in 1999.
Well, the company specialized in high-quality children’s Literature with music. 
Furthermore, he published his first singing book, The Watermelon Man and Other Reasonable Rhymes, during that time. 
Only limited information about Fane Flaws’ family is found. But, we are well aware that with his passing, his family members must be in deep sorrow at present. Fane Flaws Age: How Old Was He?
Fane Flaws died at the age of 70.
Furthermore, Flaws, one of NZ’s accomplished figures, was born in the year 1951. 
What Was Fane Flaws Net Worth?
Fame Flaws’ net worth is estimated at $1 million t $5million by Celebs Age Wiki.
With his over 30 years of successful engagement in a variety of media, there is no doubt that the artist must have had quite a substantial amount in his account.
Fane Flaws Facebook Explored
Fane Flaws’s Facebook account can be seen with the @FANE-Flaws.
As per his Facebook intro, he dedicated his time to working in paint, print, sculptural assemblage, recording new songs, and performing live with no engine.
Flaws mostly had showcased his artistic talents in his social media handles.