Days of Our Lives spoilers: week of March 4-8

Days of Our Lives spoilers: week of March 4-8

It's another exciting week in Salem as we reach the first full week of March. If you want to know what's coming up in the next week or need to look back at last week's episodes, we've got you covered with the Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of March 4-8.

Here are your Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of March 4, courtesy of Soap Opera News:

Monday, March 4
"Abe and Lani gather around Paulina hoping she is going to live. Paulina tells Marlena she doesn’t want to die. Ava gets an ultimatum from Clyde. A weak Harris informs Rafe about Goldman. Everett opens up to Julie about Stephanie and also that he is Bobby."

Tuesday, March 5
"Ava informs Steve and John of Clyde’s order. Wendy and Tripp attempt to stay strong while in danger. Lucas get a visit from Kate and Roman at his new safe house. Stefan asks EJ for help."

Wednesday, March 6
"Sarah supports a discouraged Xander. Brady pleads for Nicole to let him see Holly so she can help free Tate. Everett has an intense therapy session with Marlena. Chad and Roman help out Julie at the Horton house. Chad and Stephanie discuss where things stand with Everett."

Thursday, March 7
"After catching up with Nicole, Eric surprises Holly with a visit. Theresa and Tate meet with Sloan, his new lawyer, and she has some bold ideas to help him. Leo babysits Jude for Sloan. Ava, Steve, and John make plans to save Tripp and Wendy."

Friday, March 8
"The operation to break Clyde out of prison is put into action. Wendy and Tripp, still trapped, begin to run out of air… Lani’s and Chanel’s hearts break as Paulina’s condition worsens. Abe professes his love for Paulina."

And in case you missed last week's episodes or need a refresher, here's what happened on Days of our Lives during the week of February 26, courtesy of Soap Opera News:

Monday, February 26
"After Harris wakes from his coma, Rafe questions him. Ava is relieved to learn Harris is finally awake, while Stefan is clearly nervous. Stephanie observes as Marlena speaks with Everett about his past. With Tripp by her side, Wendy has a panic attack."

Tuesday, February 27
"Everett tells Chad about Bobby. Kayla shares dreadful news with Abe and Chanel while Paulina rests… Johnny visits Holly. Nicole and EJ share a warm moment as they watch over Holly."

Wednesday, February 29
"Alex and Kristen update each other on their relationships with Theresa and Brady. Theresa and Brady hope to make amends with Tate. Nicole and EJ are thrilled when Holly regains consciousness. Sarah defends Xander to EJ. Chad consoles a troubled Stephanie about Everett."

Thursday, February 29
"Ava and Steve receive news about Tripp and Wendy. Tripp and Wendy distract themselves with their imagination. Lani and Eli return to Salem to see Paulina. Eric surprises Sloan with a Valentine’s Day do-over. Stefan gets some deadly orders from Clyde."

Friday, March 1
"Brady and Theresa visit Tate in his new half-way house in Salem. Holly implores Nicole and EJ to tell her the truth about why she fell into a coma. Steve finally admits the truth to Konstantin. At the hospital, Stefan arrives to silence Harris…"

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