Coronation Street reveals missing character will finally return after 13 years

Coronation Street reveals missing character will finally return after 13 years

Coronation Street has confirmed the return of Violet Wilson (Jenny Platt) after 13 years.

Violet was last seen on the cobbles in 2008 after she gave birth to her and Sean Tully's (Antony Cotton) son, Dylan Wilson (Liam McCheyne). 

The Rovers barmaid and her friend Sean made a pact to have a child together if they were both single and childless by the age of thirty. Violet agreed to the deal due to her reduced fertility and eventually fell pregnant with Sean's baby.

When Dylan was born, Violet moved to London with Dylan and fiancé Jamie Baldwin (Rupert Hill) and cut all contact with Sean when he tried to stop her from leaving Weatherfield.

We last saw Violet when she made a one-off appearance in an episode in 2011 when Sean travelled to London to visit Dylan. She and Jamie split up and Violet was later injured in a car crash.

Sean Tully, Dylan Wilson and Violet Wilson on set.

Violet Wilson is back to support her and Sean Tully's son Dylan Wilson. (Image credit: ITV)

Now Violet is set to return to the cobbles in March to support her son who has recently been exposed for his involvement in the bullying of Liam Connor (Charlie Wrenshall), alongside ringleader Mason Radcliffe (Luca Toolan). 

In the coming months, Dylan will face the serious repercussions of his actions and will be needing the support of both his parents. 

Actor Antony announced the news of Violet's return to What To Watch and other press: "We do have some news. Jenny Platt, who plays Violet Wilson, is coming back. So I've got three scenes with her tomorrow and we will film across the next month. She's not coming back permanently, but she's coming back."

Antony revealed more about Violet's long-awaited comeback and how excited he is to be reunited with her.

Violet Wilson smiling behind the bar of the Rovers.

Violet was a barmaid at the Rovers. (Image credit: ITV)

He told us: "We've tried to get her back in various different ways. At the end of the day, she’s Dylan’s mum. We do often talk about Violet, and Sean off screen goes down and stays with them. But 16 years ago she left with Dylan, and she's never been seen on screen since. But I've always remained in touch with Jenny and Rupert, so it’s really strange because I’ve not gone anywhere, I’m here.

"She's not even been in the new building, let alone play Violet. So I'm very excited to see my mate Jenny, and also to see Violet. I've kept in touch with her throughout, and I just hope that she's not nervous because she doesn’t need to be nervous, but I imagine she will be because it's a completely different set up. We shoot more episodes and content. When she was there, the internet barely existed, isn’t that mad? So, 16 years ago, smartphones weren't like they were. People had Blackberries with a keyboard on, but most people still didn't do that. So much has changed in 16 years."

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