Car S.O.S season 12: release date, owners, trailer and everything we know

Car S.O.S season 12: release date, owners, trailer and everything we know

Car S.O.S season 12 sees the British motoring show returning for another round of restorations in March.

Petrolhead Tim Shaw and master mechanic Fuzz Townshend have already polished off more than 100 cars over their years on the road, and they're back to do it all over again. Once more, the dynamic duo are bringing some classic cars back to life for more deserving owners from the UK and they'll be joined by a handful of big-name stars along the way!

Read on to discover everything you need to know about Car S.O.S season 12, including teases for some of the vehicles they'll be tackling, and to learn more about some of the owners Tim and Fuzz will be helping out.

Car S.O.S season 12 release date

Car S.O.S season 12 premieres on National Geographic UK on Thursday, March 7 at 8 pm. New episodes will air on a weekly basis. 

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Which vehicles will they fix up in Car S.O.S season 12?

Ahead of the show's release, we've been teased with a few of the vehicles that Tim and Fuzz will be tackling in season 12. So far, we know that they'll be restoring a classic Ford Pop Hot Rod, a Citroën SM, a Honda CR-X, a VW Golf GTi Mk.2, and a Datsun 240k Skyline.

Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend pose in the workshop during filming on Car S.O.S season 12

Tim and Fuzz strike a pose in the workshop. (Image credit: National Geographic)

Which owners will they be helping?

A big part of the appeal of the show is learning the stories of the classic car owners whom Tim and Fuzz are helping out. 

The series opens with our two hosts meeting Andy, the owner of the Ford Pop Hot Rod. He was born with Cerebral Palsy, and cannot speak and is unable to use one of his arms. Andy has been bullied for his appearance across his life, but he is an avid member of the Hot Rod club, regularly taking part in their events as the community accepted him for who he was. 

Andy eventually purchased a Hot Rod of his own, but a press release for the series describes what should have been his dream car as a 'death trap', and one he's not able to restore... which is why the Car S.O.S team has stepped in.

Later on the series, we meet Tim, a father-of-two who was diagnosed with cancer in 2013. He's endured gruelling treatments over the years and remains determined to be strong for his kids, and his wife, Cara, hopes to bring back his joy by restoring his beloved Honda CR-X. 

Car S.O.S season 12 will also introduce us to Darren, the Golf GTi Mk.2 owner from Kent (who's also a huge fan of the show). Three years ago, he and his grandson were involved in a terrible road accident. Although Darren managed to shield the young boy with his body (saving his life), this meant he took the full force of the oncoming car and his skull shattered when his head hit the windscreen. 

Against the odds, Darren survived. Whilst Darren is now registered blind and unable to drive again, he has enjoyed being taken out in his friends' cars. His family says it would mean the world to him to be taken for a spin in the car he's always dreamed of driving.

Is there a Car S.O.S season 12 trailer? 

Yes! A short Car S.O.S season 12 trailer arrived in late February, and it showed just how happy Tim and Fuzz were to be back on the road, doing what they do best: fixing up classic cars for deserving owners. Check it out below: