Brian Cox Gets Full-On Logan Roy At ‘Succession’ Season 4 NYC Premiere 

Brian Cox Gets Full-On Logan Roy At ‘Succession’ Season 4 NYC Premiere 

Nothing like a good ‘ole Logan Roy outburst to fire up the red carpet premiere of Succession‘s fourth and final season.

Reality was imitating art on Monday night in New York City when Brian Cox, channeling his Succession character, began shouting at the end of the red carpet; the commotion loud enough that it disrupted Deadline’s interview with Fisher Stevens who plays Waystar Royco employee and consigliere Hugo Baker on the Emmy-winning HBO series. From what we gleaned, the incident happened during the group cast photo call and involved Cox addressing photographers.

“It’s building obviously to an ending,” Stevens told Deadline about Succession‘s final season before acknowledging the yelling in the background, “You can hear Brian screaming; Brain is, um, still mad.”

“That’s Brian screaming,” added Stevens, “He’s having a good time. He’s enjoying his final premiere of the show. Sorry, that was interesting. I wonder who he’s screaming at?”

“And he’s not serious. He’s not real. He’s having fun,” said Stevens, “He’s Logan! He can do whatever the f*** he wants.”

A rep whizzing by the press on the carpet said about Cox, “Oh, he was just joking.” Reporters could not verify that because the actors who took part in the group photo headed inside the theater immediately after the kerfuffle, skipping red carpet interviews.

But Deadline caught up with Cox at the after party and asked him about what went down on the red carpet. He appeared bewildered and unfazed that anything had gone wrong. When Deadline brought up the photo call, Cox downplayed the incident and shed light on what prompted his outburst. “There’s always this problem with photographers: They’re like go right, right, right, and I was like ‘Get your f***king shit together!’,” he said.

As for Stevens, he carried on with the interview after the Brian Cox detour.

“You’re going to see more family drama. I think there’s a lot of humor,” he said about Season 4. “I can tell you one thing, we shot long scenes where we had to change magazines during the takes, which is really exciting. It’s like making plays. It’s like working in theater.”

The first episode of the fourth and final season of Succession airs on Sunday, March 26.