‘Blue Bloods’ bids touching farewell to late co-star Treat Williams: ‘See you down the road’

‘Blue Bloods’ bids touching farewell to late co-star Treat Williams: ‘See you down the road’

“Blue Bloods” bid a sad goodbye to Treat Williams, who played Lenny Ross on the CBS series.

Lenny was the best pal and former partner of New York Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) on the CBS procedural, now in its 14th and final season.

Williams died last June in a motorcycle crash at the age of 71.

In the Friday, March 1 episode, “Fear No Evil,” Reagan learned that Lenny — who last appeared in Season 13 after he was diagnosed with cancer — had passed away after an encounter with Lenny’s troubled daughter, Tess (Simone Policano).

Treat Williams (left) and Tom Selleck as Lenny Ross and NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan in a 2018 episode of “Blue Bloods.” CBS

In the storyline, Tess is arrested for fighting, and speaks with Frank, revealing that her father died from cancer.

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Frank is torn out of his loyalty to Lenny and trying to decide whether to prosecute Tess for the fight — while she brings up Frank’s friendship with Lenny, wanting to know if that will be enough to save her from being charged in the incident.

“He was my best friend. And I’m gonna honor that by doing what’s best for his daughter,” Frank responds — indicating that he will hew to the letter of the law.

Lenny Ross (Treat Williams) and his daughter, Tess (Simone Policano), in a “Blue Bloods” episode from Season 13. CBS

“Lenny was a great guy with a whole lot of flaws,” he says. “And one of them was letting his daughter get away with whatever she wanted. So when he asked me to look out for her, he knew what he was signing up for.

“I think that’s why he asked me,” Frank says — and later gives Tess information on hiring a defense attorney.

“Blue Bloods” is famous for its series-ending family dinner scenes, and Friday’s episode was no exception as Frank ruminated on his long friendship with Lenny.

The March 1 episode of “Blue Bloods” paid tribute to the late Treat Williams, who played Frank Reagan’s pal Lenny Ross. CBS

“Lenny Ross was my oldest friend, my closest confidant, my getaway driver,” he says. “And I lost him this week. And it hurts like hell.

“But Lenny would hate it if we got all teary and quiet and sad, so Lenny — we’ll miss you, and save me a seat at your table, and I’ll see you on down the road.”

Once the episode ended, a title card appeared on screen that read, “In memory of our great friend, Treat Williams 1951-2023,” accompanied by a photo of Selleck and Williams.

Treat Williams, seen here in SoHo in December 2017, was killed in a motorcyle crash last June in Vermont. GC Images

Williams was killed June 12, 2023, in Dorset, Vermont, after he was thrown from his motorcycle when a car turned in front of him.

The busy actor’s résumé stretched back decades and included appearances on television in “Law & Order,” “Everwood” and “We Own This City” and on the big screen in “Prince of the City,” “Once Upon a Time in America” and “A Streetcar Named Desire,” to name just a few.

He also starred on Broadway in “Grease” and “Hair.”