‘Barbie’ Tribute At Gotham Awards: Watch Greta Gerwig & Margot Robbie’s Witty Speech 

‘Barbie’ Tribute At Gotham Awards: Watch Greta Gerwig & Margot Robbie’s Witty Speech 

Barbie writer-director Greta Gerwig and star-producer Margot Robbie showcased their comedy chops in a one-two bit tonight, thanking the Gotham Awards for a Global Icon & Creator tribute. Watch their speech above.

“We love a restaurant in a bank!” said Gerwig of the Cipriani Wall Street locale, which is just that. 

The duo was lovingly introduced by Laura Dern.  

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“On some level, I am surprised every time you text me back,” Gerwig said to Dern. “And I am also surprised when you text me back,” she added, turning to Robbie. 

The two recapped the genesis of the blockbuster film that painted the world pink and has earned more than $1.4 billion worldwide since opening this summer. They stood close together, alternating lines.  

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“Four years ago, I asked Greta to come and write Barbie with me,” said Robbie. Gerwig and her husband and co-writer Noah Baumbach “took an object — a doll with no character or story — and cooked up the most ridiculous, outrageous, bananas script in an attempt to conjure back what they loved about the movies.”

Said Gerwig about making the film during the Covid lockdown: “We figured that if no one was making movies anyway, they might as well not make this one. And we showed it to everyone. And Warner Bros., miraculously, said yes, and Mattel, miraculously, said yes.” 

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Robbie: “Essentially. Mostly. With some notes, which Greta and Noah ignored.”

Gerwig: ”We carefully considered the notes. And then we presented our case.”

Robbie: “You ignored them.” 

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The two then started a months-long campaign to get Ryan Gosling as Ken. “And also make him our friend, who texts with us,” said Gerwig.

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