Age of Empires 4: How to boost FPS & increase performance?

Age of Empires 4: How to boost FPS & increase performance?

Age of Empires 4 has been reported not to be very well optimized and many players are facing performance issues with the game, we dived into various ways you can increase performance for the game by changing some Windows 10 settings and as well the in-game settings, we have provided an entire guide below on everything you have to do to help increase your game’s performance in Age of Empires 4.

Game Mode Settings

The settings in the Game Mode window help reduce latency and increase performance when playing games, there are a few settings which you need to enable and disable, we will guide you below.

Game Mode

  • Search “Game Mode Settings” in your bottom-left search bar on Windows 10 or use the Windows button on your keyboard and then type it in.

  • Enable Game Mode, this will help reduce lag and stuttering issues if you are facing any

Xbox Game Capture

  • On the Game Mode Settings window, on the left side of the window you will see “Xbox Game Bar”, click on it

  •  Disable the “Xbox Game Capture” slider, this causes further issues with latency and lag in-game and also directs processing power which could be used by the game

Also, we should mention that you should definitely remove any other overlay you use, whether that be of Discord or Nvidia, as this also affects performance.


  • Right below the “Xbox Game Capture”, there will be a “Captures” tab, click on it and disable “Background Recording”. This will also help boost performance once in-game

Graphic Settings

This setting is only for those who have an Nvidia card series 1000 or more,

  • Type in “Graphics Settings” in the windows search bar

  • Enable “Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling”, this will improve performance and reduce latency

Finally, before we get to the in-game settings, do ensure that all your drivers are up to date, especially your graphic card drivers as if they are outdated then they will definitely cause issues.

Age of Empires settings to increase performance

  • Game Window: Exclusive Fullscreen

  • Resolution: set it to your native resolution

  • Resolution Scale: 80-100

  • Image Quality: Medium

  • Animation Quality: Low

  • Texture Detail: High

  • Lighting Quality: Medium

  • Geometry Detail: Medium

  • Anti Aliasing: Off

  • Physics: low

  • V-Sync: Off

  • Frame Rate Limit: Set to your Monitor Hz rate

  • Movie Quality: 4k HDR

Following these settings will definitely help increase performance for you in Age of Empires 4