Adopt Me Legendary Pets Value List for December 2021

Adopt Me Legendary Pets Value List for December 2021

The delight of owning a legendary pet and showing it off to your friends gives a different kind of joy and we’re all for it. Roblox’s Adopt Me always has an abundance of cute and rare pets to offer to its players. Given their rarity, the legendary pet you own can fetch a lucrative price when trading. If the player has missed claiming them on a special event, they won’t get to see that pet again and can only be acquired by trading with other players. We’ve compiled a list of legendary pets and their value so you can determine whether they’re worth it or not. Read on more to know more about legendary pet values and every single pet that is most sought out in December 2021.

Adopt Me Legendary Pets Value List for December 2021

Adopt Me legendary pets value list

To help you decide on which pet should you keep and the value each one holds. We’ve put together all of the legendary pets value list of December 2021 from low, medium, and high tier pets. The value of the pets varies depending on their cost and rarity. Keep in mind that not all of the pets are available every time in the game. Fortunately for us, they can always be traded by players if they choose to do so.

If you’re a collector and you wish to keep track of every legendary and rare tier pet and even obtain them. This article has mentioned every ultra-rare or legendary pet, and is sorted based on supply, demand, and tier. So you can be updated and be on the lookout for the rare pet, should you come across one. Keep reading the article to know which ones are worthwhile.

Lowest tier pets with less demand and supply

  • Metal Ox

  • Griffin

  • Dragon

  • Kitsune

  • Robo Dog

  • Unicorn

  • Cerebrus

  • Guardian Lion

  • King Bee

Low tier pets with a medium supply

  • Golden Griffin

  • Golden Rat

  • Golden Dragon

Medium tier pets with medium supply and demand

  • Golden Ladybug

  • Peacock

  • Snow Owl

  • Axolotl

  • Golden Mummy Cat

  • Cobra

  • Golden Penguin

  • Dodo

  • T-Rex

  • Octopus

  • Goldhorn

  • Golden Unicorn

Adopt Me Legendary Pets Value List for December 2021

Medium tier pets with slightly higher demand & supply

  • Diamond Ladybug

  • Phoenix

  • Shark

  • Diamond Griffin

  • Queen Bee

  • Ninja Monkey

Higher tier pets with higher demand and supply

  • Skele-Rex

  • Diamond Dragon

  • Frost Fury

  • Kangaroo

  • Ghost Dragon

  • Diamond Unicorn

  • Albino Monkey

  • Golden Walrus

  • Turtle

  • Arctic Reindeer

  • Ice Golem

  • Monkey King

  • Evil Unicorn

  • Parrot

  • Crow

  • Giraffe

  • Frost Dragon

  • Owl

  • Shadow Dragon

  • Bat Dragon

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