A Killer Paradox episode 7 recap: Bin's menacing phone call

A Killer Paradox episode 7 recap: Bin's menacing phone call

A Killer Paradox episode 7 is the penultimate episode of the gripping Korean Netflix drama, where Chon collides with Detective Jang and Bin and Lee continue to try and work together.

Things are getting tense now, with Bin and Lee struggling to keep their work a secret, threatening the future of the Only For Heroes vigilante group. Meanwhile, Chon is on a rampage and we soon learn that he knows more about Jang than he's been letting on.

With the four main characters reaching breaking point, there's only one more episode to wrap things up. Here's what happens in A Killer Paradox episode 7...

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This episode starts with Chon using his gun to injure one of the men that is attacking him. The others soon follow but he manages to fight them off, forcing the remaining survivor to call his boss and lie, saying they lost Chon.

A flashback shows Yong-jae asking Jang what made him choose to become a police officer. He reveals he did it because it was what his father did, and he wanted to impress him. However, Jang was never treated well by him. One day Jang stopped reacting to the mistreatment and then he finally stopped bullying his son.

In the present day, Jang finally takes Rex to a shelter, where tests are performed to determine whether or not the dog is safe for rehoming or if he'll be put down. Later that day, Jang and some other officers look at security footage of the café from the last episode.

In the footage they see Lee, Bin and the Buyeon Construction men, as well as footage of Chon. They head to the construction company and learn that they have also been looking for Chon, which leads the police to become even more suspicious of him.  Unbeknownst to them, Chon is watching them from a nearby rooftop.

The police search the room he was staying in and find his confession notes. Meanwhile, Lee is at a hideout where Roh Bin comes to get him and says they should go South. They leave, buy a burner phone and Lee stops by his parents’ home for the first time in weeks. His mother has been attending church services where she prays for Lee.

Chon visits the Buyeon Construction manager and demands to know where they can find Chairman Hyung, and once he has that information, goes to find him. He ties the chairman up and drugs his secretary, causing her to pass out. It is revealed he is targeting the chairman because he is corrupt, and that people died because of his unstable building sites.

Detective Jang enters before Chon can make the chairman write his confession letter. Chon pushes a sharp screw into the chairman’s vein while Jang points his gun at him.

In an interesting turn of events, Chon recognizes Jang. We learn that Chon used to work with his father, and he is the reason he is comatose. Jang, motivated by anger, attempts to shoot Chon but is stopped by the other police who apprehend him and arrest him. Back at the station, Jang is praised for his efforts in bringing Chon to justice and is promised his father will be moved to the police's infirmary, where they'll keep a closer eye on him.

But celebrations are short-lived. On his way to the police station, Chon complains about his handcuffs being too tight. When one of the cops loosens it, he uses the opportunity to attack. The car turns over but Chon manages to escape and flees the scene.

Lee and Bin hear of Chon’s escape. To their surprise, the news says that they are accomplices, exposing the truth about them. Naturally, Lee's friends and family are all shocked to see the news. Lee is concerned about the turn of events himself but Bin has a new plan, saying that they will flee the country as stowaways on a ship. They meet with one of Bin’s contacts who makes the arrangements.

Chon is hiding somewhere too. While at home, Jang gets a call about his father. He’s told that his mother signed the paper that allowed the hospital to not resuscitate his father. The decision is now on Jang, who tells the nurse to continue the treatment and keep his father alive.

Chon tracks down Bin’s dentist and uses his phone to contact him. He tells Bin that they should meet since they are all accomplices. Bin doesn’t tell Lee that Chon called, not wanting to spook him.

Instead, he gives him instructions to go to another destination, claiming they should travel separately. While Bin is looking for bus routes, Lee downloads a location tracker on his phone. Lee reaches the docks where his contact gives him a new passport, and finds a letter in his bag from Bin.

Bin approaches Jang and tells him he knows where Chon is, but he is reluctant to trust him. Meanwhile, Chon shows up at the hospital where Jang's father is. He gives Jang’s mother pills which makes her pass out, before the scene cuts to Jang looking shocked after receiving a phone call.

The episode ends with Rex, who mistakes a girl for Yeo-ok, and starts attacking her.