50 Genius Ways To Make Your Backyard So Much Better for Under $30 On Amazon

50 Genius Ways To Make Your Backyard So Much Better for Under $30 On Amazon


50 Genius Ways To Make Your Backyard So Much Better for Under $30 On Amazon

Create an oasis with these usability- and aesthetic-boosting tricks.

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50 Genius Ways To Make Your Backyard So Much Better for Under $30 on Amazon

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You don’t need to drop big bucks to get more enjoyment out of your backyard. There are countless ways under-$30 ways to boost usability and aesthetics, including fun decor, innovative gardening tools, clever lighting, and useful gear for enjoying a meal, drink, or snack. Regardless of what your space is currently like, the genius tricks below will make your space an oasis.


Brightening garden beds & potted plants with interesting lights

Although the stems of this pair of solar garden lights will sway in the breeze, the posts will remain sturdy and in place in any part of your garden. Choose between several designs in the listing, including bee- and dragonfly-shaped options. They’ll remain lit throughout the entire night to bring your backyard to life.


Planting new flowers & greenery using the right tools

This versatile gardening knife is made with a stainless steel blade that has a flat edge for cutting, serrated edge for sawing, spear point for prying, and a concave section for scooping. Plus, the wooden handle gives you a comfortable grip. It even comes with a protective sheath.


Enjoying a picnic on the lawn

When folded, this portable picnic table has the shape of a basket so you can pile in all the delicious snacks. When expanded, it becomes a stable surface on which you can organize everything you’ve brought. Designated cutouts to hold your wine glasses are even built right in.


Repelling mosquitos for hours

You’ll feel much more inclined to take advantage of your backyard space when pesky insects aren’t also making use of it. This mosquito repeller uses scent-free and DEET-free mats to create a 15-foot zone that lasts for up to four hours so you can relax on your patio (the set comes with three mats). They even change color to alert you when it’s time to replace them.


Creating a spot for napping & reading

Set this sturdy hammock up between two trees or between a tree and your fence to give yourself a comfy spot to read or even take a nap. This hammock can hold up to 400 pounds and has a built-in storage bag that can double as a pocket to rest your drink in. Choose from lots of colors in the listing.


Making it easy to keep drinks at hand

To keep your soda can or beer bottle away from the dirt and curious ants, place them in these outdoor drink holders. Each piece in this set of seven stands nearly 3 feet tall and is made of alloy steel that can easily be inserted into any part of your lawn. Four of the pieces can hold bottles or cans and three are designed to hold wine glasses or similar rounded shapes.


Decorating empty patches with eye-catching sculptures

This unique metal sculpture will look like a agave plant growing straight out of your garden bed (it’s 16.3 inches tall). You can buy it in pairs or even packs of three in the listing so that you can cover any empty corner or space that needs a bit more color. It also comes in green.


Bringing a vintage vibe to your patio

These vintage-inspired solar-powered lanterns look like they would cost a lot more than they do. And besides just making the area look better, they’re a practical choice as well. The pair of lanterns are completely weatherproof and they’re just 9.4 inches tall, making them easy to move around your yard as needed.


Hanging up a colorful solar-powered wind chime

Give your backyard some personality with this solar wind chime. The balls will shift through various colors once dusk falls for up to 10 hours. And since it’s waterproof, you won’t have to take it inside when it rains.


Inflating a lounger for stargazing

This inflatable lounger takes just 30 seconds to set up. Wave it through the air a few times and suddenly you’ll have a plush and supportive spot to lay down. It can hold up to 450 pounds and won’t allow air to escape. It also has three side pockets to keep things like sunscreen, a book, and sunglasses handy.


Giving your outdoor pillows a new look

These waterproof pillow covers come in 29 different colors so your patio can reflect the seasons or simply your mood for the day. They’re made of soft polyester and have an invisible zipper for a seamless look. The set is available in a bunch of different sizes in the listing as well.


Installing a fun game on a tree, fence, or post

This ring toss game is easy to learn but hard to master, making it the perfect thing to set up on a tree or patio post. It takes just a few minutes to set up. One shopper wrote, “Everyone stops by the tree with this game! It’s been such a hit that we ordered 2 and they get tons of use!”


Adding light to your deck or patio

You won’t hike up your electricity bill or have to constantly buy batteries when using these solar deck lights. Once recharged in the sun, they can last all night and provide extra guidance when making your way down your patio stairs. They come with screws and adhesive strips to prop them onto any railing or other surface you desire.


Increasing visibility for evening meals

This battery-operated patio umbrella light will make it a lot easier to see your food after dark. Your outdoor table will be flooded with brightness as you adjust the panel between three different levels. All you have to do is clamp it on your umbrella’s pole.


Changing the colors of the flames in your firepit

A firepit is fun as-is, but these color-changing fire packets will make it even better. The rainbow colors will last for over an hour and the set comes with 25 packets. And when it gets too cold to stay outside, they can be used in your indoor fireplace as well.


Pruning back unruly plants

These garden scissors with titanium steel blades can be used for a wide range of tasks, all of which will leave your backyard looking neat and tidy. Snip away at herbs and vegetables to put them to use in your kitchen, trim flowers for beautiful bouquets, or prune any overgrown greenery.


Using a tabletop firepit for s’mores & ambiance

If you don’t have enough room for a full-size firepit, you’ll be able to enjoy the same cozy atmosphere with this tabletop firepit that runs on isopropyl rubbing alcohol. It’s less than 6 inches wide and just 4 inches tall, making it easy to set up on any table. It’ll keep you warm and give you ample space to roast a few marshmallows.


Setting up this fun cactus cooler for parties

Once you’re lounging in the backyard, you won’t have to step inside to get an ice cold drink. This 3-foot-tall inflatable cactus cooler can hold over 20 bottles and cans. Plus, its fun design is festive for parties.


Feeding the local hummingbirds

Make your backyard feel more magical by attracting hummingbirds with this ant-proof hummingbird feeder. It holds 26 ounces and is beautiful enough to enjoy even when there aren’t any birds feeding at it.


Protecting yourself from the sun

Add shade to any spot in your yard or patio with this sun shade. It blocks 95% of UV rays but still allows air to pass through so that you don’t miss out on the breeze. The rectangular shade measures 10 by 13 feet.


Planting flowers to attract butterflies & hummingbirds

You won’t be the only one loving your newly decorated backyard once you plant these wildflower seeds. The bright colors of the flowers will attract hummingbirds and butterflies. One pack will yield 23 different flower species and cover 100 square feet.


Inviting birds in with a customizable fountain

Depending on how sunny it is, this solar-powered bird bath will shoot a powerful stream of water directly into the air so that all the neighborhood birds know that they’re welcome to cool off. It even comes with six different nozzles so that you can choose the style of the water’s spray. Use it in bird baths, small ponds, or a pool.


Adding a glow to garden beds & pots

Place these glow-in-the-dark rocks along your walkway or even in certain planters to draw attention to your favorite flowers and plants. This pack comes with 450 pieces but a smaller pack is available in the listing, as are a few different colors.


Installing a comfy swinging chair

You’ll want to be in your backyard every day once you have this swing chair tempting you with its comfort. It’s made of soft yet durable cotton that can hold up to 330 pounds and is easy to snuggle up in. It comes in a few colors in the listing.


Adding a roomy plant stand to make the most of sunny spots

Make the most of the space you have with this plant stand that has spots for seven pots. It has three tiers and is made of eucalyptus wood that can support 180 pounds in total. It’s easy to put together and doesn’t require any screws to assemble.


Investing in clever grilling tools

Since these grill baskets can be rolled, heat will be evenly distributed without the risk of pieces sticking to the grill or falling through the grates. Fill the stainless steel mesh cylinder with meat and veggies and easily transfer it all to your plate by popping off the end. The set comes with two pieces.


Mounting a birdbath to your railing

Adding a spot for birds to bathe is an easy way to make sure that your yard is always full of life. This clever birdbath has a solid construction that won’t rust and can be mounted right on your deck railing.


Decorating surfaces with faux plants that shine

Even the most forgetful plant parent can keep these artificial succulents looking good. Since your backyard already requires upkeep, give yourself the gift of this three-pack that requires no watering or weeding. Each comes in an eye-catching wooden box with built-in LED lights to truly shine.


Zapping away any unwanted bugs

Not only will this bug-zapping lantern bring a bright glow, but it will also lure in bugs with a UV light and instantly zap them so you can enjoy your meal in peace. It has a 46-hour run time so you don’t have to replace batteries frequently. It has four lighting modes.


Hosting a marshmallow-roasting night

It’s a fact that roasting marshmallows instantly makes a backyard more fun. Reduce mess and make it easier to do with these eight telescoping roasting sticks. They are made of stainless steel that will last through plenty of late nights and the set comes with a zippered storage bag.


Wrapping fairy lights around trees & bushes

These solar-powered twinkle lights come in a pack of two strings that are each 33 feet long. They’re solar powered, waterproof, and can be snaked up deck railings, trees, bushes, and more. Just choose between the eight different lighting modes to set the mood. The lights shown are cool white but warm white and multicolor options are also available in the listing.


Aerating your grass for a fuller lawn

It turns out that all you have to do for greener and healthier grass is walk — in these lawn aerator shoes, that is. The bottoms are covered in 13 heavy-duty metal spikes that will make way for deeper roots to form and increase oxygen in the soil.


Potting plants in on-trend concrete planters

This simple concrete planter is just the thing you need to add more greenery to your space. The sleek exterior (which is available in various finishes in the listing) will blend in with its surroundings so that all the attention goes to what you place inside. It’s 10 inches in diameter but comes in 14 and 18 inches in the listing, as well as a set of all three sizes.


Placing a wine- & charcuterie-friendly picnic near your chairs

This outdoor wine table has a few surprises hidden underneath its bamboo surface. Built into the durable wood are magnetic holders for the included cheese knives, a bottle opener, and a two-piece stake. Set it up and slip the stems of each glass into the six slots so you can sit back and relax.


Using flame-free candles to set the mood

These waterproof flameless candles are a safe way to add light and a cozy vibe. This set of 12 comes with two wireless remotes so you can adjust their brightness, whether or not they flicker, and even set them on a timer.


Keeping your grill free of gross buildup

After whipping up those delicious burgers and steaks, you’ll want this grill scraper to get rid of the evidence. It has a durable brass head with multiple notches so that it can fit perfectly around each rod. All buildup will easily be removed so that your grill doesn’t become an eyesore.


Offering songbirds a place to live

Add some life and birdsong to your garden with this colorful birdhouse. Hang the house up and place a few seeds on its front “lawn” to let the birds know that it’s a safe space.


Giving yourself easy access to your yard (& keeping bugs out)

Setting up a meal outside won’t feel like such a hassle when you have this magnetic screen door. With it, you’ll be able to move freely into your backyard without having to worry about flies and other bugs following after you.


Adding style & dimension to sitting areas

An accent rug will not only add style to your patio but it will also increase its comfort, help define a sitting area, and increase traction. This one is designed to withstand everyday wear and tear. It comes in various colors and shapes in the listing.


Blowing up a pineapple-shaped pool float

This pool float is as big as it is bright — it measures 75 inches in length. It comes in a bunch of other fun shapes in the listing as well (like a bowling pin, donut, and swan).


Stopping your outdoor rugs from sliding & curling

Whether its your doormat or a decorative rug underneath your patio table, use these rug corner grippers to keep them in place. The rubber layers will stop each from shifting and curling at the corners. They can work on hardwood, tile, carpet, and stone. They can also be used indoors as well.


Weeding out unwanted growth

A quick cleanup with this hand weeder can make a world of difference. It can remove an entire root without having to spend time and energy digging a hole to wrestle it out of. It has an ergonomic soft-grip handle and is extremely lightweight. But don’t worry, the aluminum won’t bend or break.


Adding a mesmerizing twinkle to patios

You don’t need any electrical connection to transform your space: All you need is this 27-foot string of lights that last for 20,000 hours. They’re weatherproof and solar powered. They won’t shatter since each bulb is made of durable plastic and they can even withstand winds of up to 50 mph.


Setting up a waterproof blanket in the grass for yoga or lounging

This picnic blanket will give you a way to escape without having to go far. Set it down on otherwise unoccupied grass to make lunch or a pre-dinner drink more exciting — or use it as a spot to do yoga. It’s waterproof, extremely durable, and easy to pack away so that it doesn’t take up too much space in storage.


Putting your lights on a schedule

With this outdoor smart plug, you can have your stylish string lights turn on every night automatically. You’ll be able to control them with your voice or via the app.


Keeping your s’mores ingredients organized & handy

This s’mores caddy has a designated tray for your graham crackers and chocolate bars. Your marshmallows can be kept underneath and everything can be carried easily with the top handle. A silicone gasket in the lid keeps everything fresh.


Enjoying an outdoor wine night

Use these stainless steel wine glasses for fret-free wine on the patio. They can keep wine chilled (or at room temp) for up to 12 hours thanks to a triple-walled design. The set comes with four glasses with matching lids and they’re available in quite a few colors in the listing.


Starting a bonfire for parties

Get your fire roaring quickly and easily with these highly rated fire starters. They’re made of wax and sawdust and ignite immediately so you can stay warm and put together a few s’mores. 160 squares come in the pack.


Illuminating spaces without wasting electricity

This battery-powered LED lantern makes a great emergency buddy (with an SOS blinking mode available) but can also be used every day to light up your deck without needing to be near an outlet. It even has a carabiner on the bottom so it can be hung from hooks or branches.


Raking up messy leaves

No matter how well arranged your garden is or how well decorated your patio is, messy leaves can ruin the vibe. To take control and make sure that everything stays neat, add these rake claws to your cart. They can scoop up a ton of debris in one swoop so that you don’t have to spend hours trying to get the job done.

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