Who Is Saadiq Teague? Ohio Man Arrested- His Parents, Age and Family

Who Is Saadiq Teague? Ohio Man Arrested- His Parents, Age and Family
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Saadiq Teague 18 years old boy carrying a semi-auto rifle unknowingly in New York City and taken into police custody without any incident. Did you know about his father and age?
 Saadiq Teague is fronting charges after spotted with AK-47 rifles at time square subway.
Likewise, according to police, Saadiq Teague has a gun permit for it in Ohio, but he didn’t know about openly carrying semi-auto rifles in New York City was illegal.
Furthermore, Saadiq Teague was taken into police custody for any incident.
Not only that, but police found marijuana paraphernalia and a bong mask from Saadiq Teague. Quick Facts:Name
Saadiq Teague
18 years old
Andrew Teague Saadiq Teague, the teen suspect police said was found with a semi-automatic rifle and ammo at the Times Square subway station, showed himself walking around NYC with the alleged weapon in his backpack on his Instagram account https://t.co/o7TUYJsuoX pic.twitter.com/5fIecZTOhG
— NBC New York (@NBCNewYork) April 17, 2021 Who Is Saadiq Teague? 
Saadiq Teague is an Ohio-based normal citizen of the United States of America. Not only that, but he is the son of Andrew Teague.
Police found marijuana from Saadiq, for that he is facing drug paraphernalia charges. 
Likewise, he is facing many other charges including criminal possession of a loaded gun and carrying rifles with ammo clips. 
Saadiq Teague Parents And Family 
Saadiq Teague is the son of Andrew Teague.
One month ago, his father Andrew Teague was killed fatally in the shootout with police in Ohio, U.S.
Policemen were initially trying to arrest Saadiq Teague’s father Andrew for an assault warrant.
Furthermore, Andrew drove away from the police, as a result, he was shot by police. Saadiq Teague (18) Of OH Arrested W/AK-47 @ Times Square Subway Station-PICTURED-Ohio man arrested after pulling out an AK-47 & ammo on the platform of Times Square subway station. https://t.co/yXoZHiP9H9 via @MailOnline
— 66613Skunky13 (@TrueCrimePoli) April 17, 2021 Saadiq Teague Age- How Old Is He?
Saadiq Teague is 18 years old but, he was born in 2003, according to a source.
Furthermore, there is not much information about his exact date of birth.
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Insight On Saadiq Teague Wikipedia 
Saadiq Teague is not featured on Wikipedia.
Furthermore, Saadiq Teague is facing domestic violence and drug trafficking.