Where Is John Cannan Now? Daughter Wife And Family Wiki

Where Is John Cannan Now? Daughter Wife And Family Wiki
John Cannan Daughter And Wife: Learn More About His Family British murderer and rapist John Cannan was a former car salesman. He is married and has children. Know more about his wife.
John Cannan is a British murderer and rapist. John Cannan was very charming and has claimed to have more than 100 one-night stands.
The murderer was married too. He also had a daughter but left them. 
John has many cases and is charged with many murders, robbery, rape, and many more. Quick Facts:Name
John Cannan
20 February 1954
66 Years
Married Wife
June Vale
Yes John Cannan: Wife and Daughter
John Cannan’s wife’s name is June Vale. The couple has been dating for 7 years.
The couple got married in 1978 when June became pregnant. 
The British murderer has been married for only 2 years. He left his family in 1980.
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John and June had a daughter named Louise.
He left his Wife and Daughter for Daphne Sargent, whom he is reported to assault.
John Cannan Wiki and Age
John Cannan age is 66 years old.
He was born on February 20, 1954, in Warwickshire, England.
His parents sent him to a private boys’ school. He came from a middle-class family; his dad was an engineer.
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Cannan had 5 certificates of secondary education during his schooling period and 3 ordinary level general certificates of education.
John claims he was harassed in school. Due to this, he had a stammer from being nervous at school.
AT age 17 he left school and was in Merchant Navy for 3 months. 
Where Is John Cannan Now?
John Cannan is being hailed at Full Sutton prison. He has many rapes, robbery cases but is only convicted for murder in 1987.
He was sentenced to a minimum of 35 years. He is not eligible to be free until 2023.
John has been convicted of killing 29 years old women on October 8, 1987.
Cannan will only be released if the Parole Board rules he is not a danger to the public.