What is the Six Sigma Green Belt™ Certification Cost?

Six sigma technologies help a company to use modern methods for completing projects and enhancing growth. The tools and techniques used in six sigma help to improve performance and remove the defects in an organization. It also assists in improving the overall productivity of a team resulting in high growth. Six Sigma certifications are offered at different levels. Individuals can earn a six sigma certification of a particular level to get knowledge and information about the tools and technologies. The four different certifications offered in six sigma technology include white, yellow, green, and black. 

If a person wants to get a six sigma certification of any level then he/she has to complete some pre-requisites and have to clear the exam offered either by the American Society for Quality (ASQ), Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC), or International Association for six sigma certification (IASSC). An individual can apply for the six sigma certification of any level after reading the terms and conditions given on the official website of the institutions that offer the six sigma certifications. 

Six Sigma Green Belt™ Certification cost

For getting a green belt certification you have to first clear the white and yellow belt certification exams. After getting the white and yellow belt certification you can apply for the green belt certification. When a person reaches the green belt level he/she can find solutions for complex problems that can help to improve the quality of the product. People with green belt certification can help black belt certified individuals in analysis & data compilation. People who reach this level can compete in the industry and can understand the main things related to process improvement. 

If you want to apply for the green belt certification you have to gain 3yrs of experience in the industry. The cost of the six sigma green belt™ accreditation from ASQ is around USD338 (members) and USD438 for those who are not members. If they have to retake the exam, they have to pay a fee of $238. If you apply for the green belt six sigma certification through IASSC then you have to pay $295. 

The CSSC provides the green belt six sigma certificate in 2 different ways. First, they offer a basic six sigma green belt certification. Second, the organization will offer the green belt certification to the individuals who are eager to enhance their skills. The second level of green belt certification is offered when a candidate finishes the assigned task. The cost of green belt six sigma certification through CSSC is $159. The level 2 certification will cost $300.

Reasons to Get Six Sigma Certification For an Individual

There are several reasons for which people are getting six sigma certifications. A certified individual can get hired easily as they possess the advanced skills for managing projects in an organization. It is worth paying for getting the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training or black belt certification. The main reasons for which people want to get the six sigma certifications are:

  • Advancement in Career

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt™ certification or any other certification can help an individual to advance in their career. It is a wonderful achievement as the certifications help the individuals to gain experience while working with the black belt certified individuals. It is a highly competitive certification and helps an individual to complete complex projects efficiently.

  • Helps an Organization Excel

When a company employs an individual who is certified with the six sigma certification the individual can help the company to excel and achieve the desired company goals. The certified individual can use the six sigma tools and techniques successfully for the growth of the company. 

  • High Demand in the Market

Individuals who are certified with the six sigma certifications are in high demand in the market. They can get easily hired by IT companies, and other industries based on their certification and knowledge. The certification gives them the ability to undertake any project and finish it successfully by applying the six sigma certification tools and techniques. 

  • Helps to Improve Business Processes

After completing the six sigma green belt certification you can analyze the company’s business processes efficiently and you can also use your knowledge and skills for improving them. You can review modern practices and find out their impact on the quality and performance of different processes in an organization. The certification ensures that you have achieved the level where you can sustain quality improvement.

Advantages For the Companies to Hire a Six Sigma-Certified Professionals

It is also beneficial for a business to hire a six sigma-certified individual in many ways. The main advantages to the company of hiring a professionally trained six sigma individual are:

  • Increases Productivity

A professionally trained six sigma certified individual can help to increase the productivity in a company. They can use their skills and knowledge to increase product development in a short period. 

  • Improves the Confidence of Customers in Business

When completing the project using six sigma tools and technologies helps to streamline the project and processes. This helps to achieve better customer satisfaction. Thus, a company can improve customer satisfaction by employing six sigma certified individuals. 

  • Helps to Gain Stakeholders’ Trust

Clients and stakeholders will believe and trust an organization if it employs professional and certified individuals. If a company has six sigma certified professionals it means that the company will deliver high-quality products. It helps the company to lead in the market and it helps to gain the trust of clients and stakeholders.


Earning a Six Sigma Green Belt™ certification is not only beneficial for an individual but is also useful for the company. Organizations are looking for individuals who are professionally certified for the growth of their organization. The certification helps an individual to take data-related decisions that influence the project's development. Thus, investing money in six sigma green belt certification is worth it for a person who wants to build a career, earn more, and get recognition in the industry.