Twitter Announces New #TwitterPrism Initiative to Maximize Inclusion within Advertising

Twitter Announces New #TwitterPrism Initiative to Maximize Inclusion within Advertising

As part of its broader effort to maximize inclusion, and ensure optimal freedom of representation on its platform, Twitter has announced a new #TwitterPrism initiative which is designed to help marketing partners integrate more inclusive approaches into their outreach efforts.

As explained by Twitter:

Inspired by the work already happening, and aware of how much more there is to be done, we’re announcing #TwitterPrism to bring together existing and new efforts that support diverse creators and publishers. #TwitterPrism encourages and enables our advertising partners to create campaigns that are rooted in culture, and center diverse, intersectional voices.”

The program aims to help marketers develop more inclusive strategies, while also encouraging more media spend among ‘historically excluded communities’.

An additional element within Twitter’s Marketing Partner program, #TwitterPrism will provide market insights support, “so brands can better understand specific aspects of the communities they want to engage with”,  while it will also facilitate Cultural Context workshops to expand knowledge and understanding in these key areas.

The program will also facilitate the co-creation of campaigns, in conjunction with Twitter ArtHouse, through which Twitter will connect advertisers with diverse visual artists and influencers to build more relevant ads.

Change is happening. A broad spectrum of brands are working diligently to meet the demands of a rapidly-evolving market by connecting with diverse communities of customers and fans. #TwitterPrism helps our advertising partners develop more inclusive marketing strategies and channel media dollars to diverse communities.

In addition to this, Twitter will also look to increase the number of minority-owned and led providers in its Amplify marketing partner program, providing more ways for brands to invest in diverse publishers and creators.

The announcement comes as part of Twitter’s broader commitment to maximizing diversity and inclusion, which also incorporates its internal hiring practices.

And as Twitter notes, change is happening in this regard, and more consumers now expect brands to make more effort to incorporate inclusion and diversity within their marketing.

As such, #TwitterPrism could be a key gateway for brands to make more informed approaches on this front, with direct input from these communities to help integrate more representative elements in a more authentic and engaging way.

You can learn more about the #TwitterPrism initiative here.