Timberborn: Failed to Load Mono Error Troubling Players, Fix Awaited

Timberborn: Failed to Load Mono Error Troubling Players, Fix Awaited

Timberborn showcases a dystopian society where humans have perished from the Earth. With this, mankind turned Earth into a dry wasteland, but Beavers species survived and adapted to this situation. The semiaquatic rodents are the highlight of this game, and you get to choose one of the beaver factions:

Folktails: Nature-friendly beaver faction,

Iron Teeth: The industrious, hard-working beaver faction.

Therefore, you choose between these two factions based on what fits your playstyle. In the game, you would be witnessing recurring droughts. Therefore, stockpile food and keep forests alive to help your colony divert the drought crisis. Maintain the balance between usage of natural water and artificial irrigation. The beavers in Timberborn are excellent water engineers. Construct dams, canals, redirecting rivers towards the wasteland.


It’s no surprise that a game centred around beavers has got wood as the core resource. Therefore, convert the timber into sawmills, water wheels, shredders. You can also find metal, especially around the ruins of the old world. Your beaver colony would be witnessing a day and night cycle. You would need to maintain the overall wellbeing of the beavers, as it is not just stuck till chomping wood. Provide them with good sleep, a balanced diet, monuments, decorations.

Timberborn: Game Not Starting

Recently, many people who bought Timberborn have been facing an issue, where the game is not starting. People are facing the Failed to load mono error, every time when they start the game. Looking at the issue, many people tried closing the game from Task Manager. Some people tried to fix this by uninstalling and reinstalling the game. This has led to a troublesome time for people who have been looking forward to playing Timberborn. As of now, the developers at Mechanistry have not addressed this error officially. But looking at the number of complaints shared on Steam Community, people wait for an official fix or announcement regarding this.

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