This illusion will reveal how gullible you are

This illusion will reveal how gullible you are

This optical illusion personality test could tell you how likely you are to be gullible.

Depending on whether you saw a penguin or a man first in this image, TikTokker Charles Meriot showed people just what it means for you in terms of gullibility.

The video currently has over 148,000 views using the iconic line of “What did you see first?”

Scroll down to see what it says about you.

An image of a penguin and a manSome people see a man, while others spot a penguin.Charles Meriot / The Mind Journa


If you saw a man who looks straight out of the ’50s with slicked-back hair, you are someone who is social, has a lot of friends and struggles making decisions, according to Meriot.

You are also gullible, he said.


If you saw the cartoon penguin first, you are someone who is intuitive and wise, knowing that you sometimes have to wait for good things to come, according to Meriot.

You do not trust people easily, which makes you less gullible than those who saw the man first, he said.

An optical illusion that shows both a man and a penguinIf you saw the man first, you are gullible, according to one TikTokker. But if you saw the penguin first, you aren’t super gullible, he said.Charles Meriot / The Mind Journa

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