These Signs Reveal When Someone Is Under Too Much Stress

These Signs Reveal When Someone Is Under Too Much Stress

Stress should feel obvious–right? But it’s not always. If you don’t know the physiological signs of stress, you may not pause to recognize how overwhelmed you feel. “It’s common for people to not realize they are stressed out,” says Jeffrey Borenstein, CEO of Brain and Behavior Research Foundation.

To confirm whether you’re stressed, you need to know the symptoms of stress. You’ll want to check your skin, sleep habits, and bowel movements, among other signs. Learn the physiological and psychological indications of stress to solve your symptoms.

You Suffer Through Frequent Headaches

During a 2015 study published in Cephalalgia, researchers examined over 5,000 participants and how they reacted to stress. They discovered that the more stressed people feel, the more headaches they experience. Headache intensity also increased with stress, with 14% of participants suffering from migraines.

Someone with a headache takes Ibuprofen

In The Journal of Headache and Pain, another study noted that 44.8% of patients with chronic headaches experienced pain during or after a stressful event. During busy times, people may drink less water or not sleep enough, both of which can result in headaches. If you’re experiencing more frequent or stronger headaches, it might be time to examine your emotions.